Monday, December 24, 2012

Diamond'z & Platinum'z Holiday Pageant

Fashion Parties

ITS A PARTY ITS A PARTY ITS A PARTAY!!! There's always a reason to throw a party, whether its a birthday bash or a house warming. Parties are a great way to gather large groups at the same time. Parties are an awesome advertising and marketing tool. A jeweler throws jewelry parties to auction their product off. A tattoo artist throws tattoo parties where you can get a tattoo on the spot. A distiller throws a wine tasting, and a fashionista throws fashion shows. A great business person should know how to throw a successful party, which in the long run will promote growth. With good music and a great product and anyone can do it.

In the fashion business, being a designer isn't easy. The whole purpose of design and modeling is so that people can enjoy and purchase your work. This is why parties and shows are the best option for advertisement. First, you want to introduce your line to the world. You can do this by throwing a "Welcome to the Scene" Fashion Gala. Gala's are usually a formal event. You start by gathering your marketing resources. Our options are limitless on home so I'd recommend using real life social networking. Once you have this done you can start planning your function.  Here's the order you should follow. Choose a theme, design the outfits, pick your models. Next, pick a location, how you want it decorated, find a host, a DJ, and music style.  Finally, pick a dress code for the guests, a time to start and end, times where models should change, and times the host should speak.

Lastly, but the most importantly, is a flyer or commercial for advertising your event. During this event you want to make sure your website, upcoming events and contact info is displayed in the chat log. This will ensure you get a few people to attend your up and coming events and see what else your group is up to. You have to keep your audience happy. Good music, laughter, and great product will seal the deal.

Galas are only the beginning. Every designer/model/fashionista must throw fashion shows to continuously market their line. A fashion show is just an organized party. You're just adding extra to it.. Throwing a successful fashion show is by far one of the most challenging obstacles faced in the fashion business. They display anticipated clothing, hairstyles, and make up lines.  Your line has to meet the public's standards as disappointing them could do major damage to your image. 

Okay, so here is the proper way to plan a fashion show. First, you have to design outfits that give off that "WOW" effect. Pick your models, pick a location, a runway style, decorations, a DJ, music style, time of event, and flyer. The runway is your centerpiece. You have to make sure your walk routine is practiced perfectly. The music plays a large roll in a show as well. Great music will not only keep the guests entertained, but will give the models a sense of confidence. They will tear down the runway and their confidence will give off a vibe that the audience can feel. In the  future, more people will enjoy watching your shows and they'll even tell their friends. Word of mouth is your best friend.

Now, who said partying too much was a bad thing? When it comes to running a business, parties are a power tool. Plus, you get to look good while keeping your product fresh. An organized business is always a better business.

Written by: Keema155

The Mix Up 12/19-12/25

Modeled and Designed by: Ms_Aqua_Fina

Update Review 12/19-12/25

Lockwood Party Clothing Pack-Midnight

Location: Lockwood
Price: $3.99

Zipper Dress
A Midnight colored strapless slim fitting mini dress that is perfect for a after party.

Holiday TopHat
A purple tophat with a gold lining around the base. This hat looks is very stylish and if worn right will be the main attraction to your outfit.

Peeptoe Heels Purple
You cant never have enough of 1 color heel. These purple shoes have a platform front and gives a little peep to your toes. The heel is high and the shoe can be worn with any style fit.

Lockwood  Party Clothing Pack- Folly 

Price: $2.99

Zipper Dress- Folly
This red strapless minidress has a black line going around the bottom and a darker red line on top of the black one.

Holiday TopHat -Black
A black tophat.

Peeptoe Heels-Quackers
A fav piece for me this week. We needed another pair of dark green shoes we dont have many.
These shoes a dark green in the front, along the side you see a yellow and black design and the heel is yellow. Must have item for anyone.

Inner Tube Set (not pictured)
Location: Granzella>Furniture>Beach and Tropical
Price: $2.99
Colors: Pink, Aqua, Yellow, Green
Its only a hand item but for any fashionista hand items are an essential.

Uproar Hoodie )not pictured)
Location: Lockwood>Uproar
Price: $0.49
A fairly simple black hoodie with the uproar logo on the front. The hood, strings and sleeves are white. The sleeves are also rolled up.

Tattoos (not pictured)
Location: Konami>Female>Tattoos
Price: $0.99 All Tattoos
Year of the Boar, Year of the Snake, Year of the Monkey, Year of the Horse
Year of the Dragon, Year of the Tiger, Year of the Ram, Year of the Rooster
Year of the Rabbit, Year of the Rat, Year of the Dog, Year of the Ox
Each 1 of these tattoos has a Black bikini top and the word of the animal on the lower abdominal. And the animal on the back.

Pattern Mania Leggings Bundle (see The Mix Up)
Price: $2.99
Leggings Desert, Leggings Army, Leggings Zebra, Leggings Leopard
Leggings Golden Flower, Leggings Green Golden Flower, Leggings Red Golden Flower

Stylish Uni Leggings Bundle (see The Mix Up)
Price: $2.99
Leggings Black Leather, Leggings Black Glitter, Leggings Silver Glitter
Leggings Red Stripes, Leggings Green Stripes, Leggings Grey Stripes
Leggings Magenta Stripes
The Time has finally arrived we have leggings all colors and designs. I always recommend buying bundles, so get every pair!! Alot of us wear them in real life. So i hope all the fashionista out there enjoy these. And im looking forward to seeing these wore in many different ways. I love them all. From all the playstation home fashionistas we want to say thank you CodeGlue!!!

The Junk Guy (see The Mix Up)
Location: Costume>PST
Price: (FREE)
A gift from PST. A pair of bikini bottoms with a christmas stocking on the front with a candy cane and balls connected. There are also lights going around the waist, and designs in the back

Written by: Keema155

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

According to Guys *Premier*

So there's no question that the minds of men and women work completely different.  We dress ourselves usually in hopes to attract people towards us, always looking for a well deserved compliment when we hit the streets of PS Home in our planned ensembles.  Who are we trying to impress?  Ourselves?  Maybe a member of the opposite sex?  Well, in this brand new article to Risque Fashion Magazine, I will be going around PS Home snapping shots of different outfits.  Let's see exactly how successful these outfits work when they are critiqued "According to Guys".

Warning:  These randomly chosen men were instructed NOT to hold back on their opinions.  Any negative remarks are not the opinions of Risque Fashion Magazine or myself as every picture I put into this article is a fashion I am a fan of.

"This outfit is cute.  It looks nice for a girls night out or a date with a special one.  I like the colors, they go good together.  The shoes are nice and the skirt is nice, it brightens up the outfit."-Eric

"The outfit looks great, I especially love the colors."-David

"I don't like this look, I'm not into goth looks.  It's not attractive, it looks incorrect.  I wouldn't even make myself look like this.  I think it's a disgrace...wanna be vampire."-Nick

"O love the fit, it's got sexy written all on it.  It's a little plain, just a LITTLE plain, but I like it.  I'm a dude and I see skin so of course I'm going to like it.  lol ;)  I think it needs a little bit more flavor to it, I don't know, maybe a hat."-Corey

"That outfit's cool if you're going for a Christmas look."-Prince

"It's simple and plain provocative anime."-Nashaun

"In Home fashion it looks old, but it can still be pulled off.  Especially if a noob is looking at the outfit"-Trip

"I really like it.  Well, I love the way it stands out and the style of how the outfit looks.  It's cute"-Jog

"Not really feeling the top and bottom together.  I don't feel they go together so well.  Maybe it's the shades of pink being different, or the styles. The hair was ok."-Chris

"It's not bad, but I'm not a big fan of the super high boots.  The boots gives it that 'Guess what I do behind dumpsters' look."-Justin

If you would like to have your outfit featured in Risque Fashion Magazine please message Misz_Evie on Playstation Network.

Article by: Misz_Evie

The Mix Up 12/12-12/18

Designed and Modeled by: Ms_Aqua_Fina

Update Review 12/12-12/18

Red and White Swimsuit Bikini

Location: GRANZELLA>Beach and Tropical
Price: $2.99This red and white Santa hat comes in 3 different sizes to go on any hairstyle ranging from small, medium, and large. Any hat that fits over any hairstyle is a must have.A Red 2 piece bikini that can't b worn separate, with white fur around the bra n the bikini bottom.These very stylish "red-cowgirl meets north pole" boots can be worn separate from the bikini. At the rim of the boot there is a v-shape with white fur around it.
Red and White Swimsuit Set One-Piece

Location: GRANZELLA>Beach and Tropical
Price: $2.99

This tiny Santa hat (not used in picture sorry!) fits on the corner of your head and can be worn on any hair not only that but comes in 3 different sizes

This slim fitting bathing suit may be a one-piece but its very sexy. It's an all red, strapless piece fitting low on the breast and makes your avi look thick. The white fur around the thighs gives the piece volume.

Even though they say you cant wear white after labor day, how can you turn down these mid calf white shoe-boots? They will fit well with capris or a nice length skirt. Must have!

Jewel Thief Clothing Pack

Location: Lockwood>Jewels of the Sky
Price: $2.99

Jewel Thief Mask Saffron (not used in picture)
Rust colored hood with bronze trimming with a burgundy scarf that fits over the nose and mouth. At the bottom a gold clip that holds the hood close under the neck

Jewel Thief Hood-Saffron (not used in picture)
Rust colored hood with bronze trimming and a gold clip holding the hood closed under the chin

Jewel Thief Pendent-Memento (not used in picture)
Bronze chain with a circle pendent and a ruby colored rectangular piece and a crescent hanging from it.

Jewel Thief's Scimitar (not used in picture)
A long sword with a large curve at the tip and to points.

Jewel Thief Jerkin-Saffron
Gold top with a V-shaped dip that falls above the belly button. It has a cape on the back, and burgundy sleeves with bronze bracelets around the wrist. It's a lovely piece that can match with a variety of bottoms.

Jewel Thief Leggings-Copper
Burgundy capris with a gold flap that falls down the front. Outlined in bronze, with 3 lined ropes going from the rear to the front. To complete the look, a jade jewel in the front center.

Jewel Thief Boots-Russel
Bronze colored, flat shoe-boots with a triangular toe that curves up. These are a nice pair of casual shoes that can go with anything.

Ameerah's Fiery Pack Mystic (Bundle)

Location: Lockwood>Jewel of the Sky
(Blue Variant from LKWD Gift Machine)
Price: $4.99

Ameerah Hair 

The hair is beautiful. The front slicks down on both sides and has curls that fall on both shoulders, and down the back.

Ameerah's Cresent Pendant-Mystic (not used in picture)
A beautiful gold chain with 4 indigo colored jewels; 2 on each side, and a large jade jewel with a silver crescent moon dropping from it.

Ameerah's Earrings
Indigo colored studs, with a gold trimming.

Ameerah's Bedlah Top-Sorrel
A red belly shirt that cuts low at the breast. It's laced up in the front and is crocheted around the lower arm sleeves. The lower part of the arm is also balloon-shaped, fitting tight at the wrist.

Ameerah's Shalwar-Sorrel
A loose-fitting, elegant, balloon-shaped pants that fit tight at the ankle.  Has a gold belt with a variety of colorful jewels and it's crocheted around the bottom.

Ameerah's Slippers-Mystic
A flat shaped shoe with a triangular shaped toe that folds upwards.


Location: Konami>Female>Gothic

Gothic Female Shirt and White Tie
Price: $0.99
This unique piece is an all black shirt with white lining on every seem. It has 2 large pockets on the front and a large white tie. This piece is decent but a little to animated for me.

Gothic Female Vinyl Jacket
Price: $0.99
Ugghhh, don't you hate when developers recycle clothing and its not anywhere better than the original? Right, well this is a piece that came out before. Awesome design, the way the sides fall down to your knees, forming a point shape at the tip. Very boring color though, all black. Why not purple? 

Gothic Female Vinyl Pants
Price: $0.99
These pants are loose fitting. It has 2 belts around the waist, and a belt on each leg right above the knee. You can make these look good bring them to life. Must buy!

Gothic Female Vinyl Pants 2 
Price: $0.99
Another repeat of the red plaid pants that were previously released. They have many buckles on them and aren't a bad piece to have in every color.

Gothic Female Steel Toed Boots 
Price: $0.99
The boots have a steel plate at the toes with spikes coming off the steel. They have circular designs on them and buckles. If you are Gothic or an Emo type of dresser, these are perfect. Stylish even. For an fit a little out of the box you can definitely use these.

Santa Outfit Bundle

Location: Costumes>Jam Games>Christmas Collection
Price: $2.99
A red Santa hat that falls backwards and has a white ball hanging from the tip.

A 1-piece red dress with white fur trimming around the upper and lower seem of the dress. It also includes a pair of black gloves (not pictured) and a pair of black low heel shoe-boots with a buckle in the front. If this piece could be separated it might be of some use. But the combo ruins the dress.

Christmas Sweater
Location: Costumes>Jam Games>Christmas Collection
Price: $0.99
A brown, cozy looking sweater with snow flakes falling from the shoulders and collar. There is also a big face of Rudolph: The Red-Nose reindeer on the front. What really makes this piece nice is, on the back of the sweater, u see the back of Rudolph's head

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Special Feature Interview: ENJ7

Every so often, we get to meet somebody who has done something truly extraordinary.  I browse PS Home looking for new talent in just about any category.  Rare is the moment when it actually involves fashion.  In one of my many visits to the bowling alley, I came across a girl who was wearing the final prize jacket and sneakers to the Clusterpuck game on PS Home.  As fate would have it, the night before, I was browsing for various prizes in search of rare clothing.  I remember the jacket and sneakers vividly as I thought to myself, "Those look IMPOSSIBLE to get!"  So, seeing a girl wearing the items the very next day also felt extremely rare and exciting!

On my approach, she was very courteous on answering my questions of her newly earned record.  It also turns out that not only is she a gamer girl, shes very much into fashion as well!  How delightful!  My Vice-President of Risque Modeling Agency, DominionAtrix87, quickly suggested a special interview with ENJ7 with our magazine.  I now present to you, gamer girl and fashionista...


ENJ7 in the Clusterpuck Reward Items: Jacket and Sneakers for Taking #1 on Leader Boards

Evie: Greetings ENJ7!

ENJ7: Heyyy!

Evie: Today were here interviewing you for quite the feat!  You've made it tothe #1 spot on the Clusterpuck Leader Board.  Can u tell us what motivated u to do this?

ENJ7: For this jacket definitely, but these shoes! Seriously. And the #1 Spot!  I was soo moved by fashion that I stopped at nothing until I got those rewards!  (Jacket and Sneakers)  

One of ENJ7's very fashionable creations.

Evie: Very nice!  Is gaming and fashion both equally important to you, or does one override the other?

ENJ7: Gaming because I like to be #1, and because fashion because I like to look good! One doesn't really override the other.

Evie: Its actually amazing to find somebody like you on home.  I know winning the jacket and the sneakers is what initially drew me to you, but i had no idea that you were also such a fashionista as well! Can you tell us what makes up ENJ7.

ENJ7: Sometimes you just have to go where nobody else is going.  Go with the flow, be bold, mix it up a little.  Don't be afraid to take new routes.

Homegirl Style!  Any relation to Gangnam?

Evie: So while you were posing for pictures with me I heard about your Home-Girl style. I found that interesting.  What other style names have you coined?

ENJ7: I'm gonna go with Home-Girl, Mish-Mash and Sophistoratchet.  Sophisticated and ratchet all at the same time!  I believe if you have fashion in your heart, you can mash anything together and still look fly.  With a fashion sense in mind that

Evie: I love that!  lol  So how long did it take you to get to the #1 spot

ENJ7: Realistically, I think about 3 days.

Interview session: misz_evie and ENJ7

Evie: Wow, not bad considering the level of difficulty for the awesome rewards.  Is there anything else you're involved in on PS Home?

ENJ7: You name it, I've done it.

Evie: Cool, well seeing as though you're a fashionista, as well as a gamer is so great. We even have some of your styles for our audience to see here.  How long have you been making your own designs with clothing on home?

ENJ7: Since I got my account back in 2010.

Evie: Very nice!  Do you have any shout outs for anybody out there reading this?

ENJ7: I'd like to shout out to all of my friends out there on Playstation including you!

Evie: Well thank you for stopping by Risque Fashion Magazine!  It was a pleasure to have you.

ENJ7: It was a pleasure being here!

To some it's for the top score.  To some it's for the clothes.  For ENJ7, it's both.  It was amazing to have met her, and her prize jacket that I just want to steal from her avatar and run off into the night with.  I've truly met a beautiful person and an inspiration for the women's community.  Risque Fashion Magazine would like to say...

(Now who wants to hold her while I take the jacket?)

Written by: Misz_Evie