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10/24 Update Review

Update Review

Salsa Outfit

Pour on the color with this ravishing red salsa top. Designed with a black spaghetti strap that fits around the neck, with a sexy exposed back that adds spice and sass to any outfit. Follow me down to the short, pleaded, layered skirt. It's detailed with black lining the layers. Finally the finishing touch, a tilt on the symmetry that takes it from ordinary to extraordinary. You can find this awesome salsa outfit in Threads. 


Red Salsa TopThreads> A-Z> Original> Tops- $0.49
Rating: 3/3

Red Salsa SkirtThreads> A-Z> Original> Legs- $0.49
Rating: 3/3

Lace Outfit

This beautiful, plum colored, slim fitting top has black vintage print and a black lace embroidery collar that hugs the neck that adds to  that vintage look. It is accessorized with a gold rope chain that fits perfectly mid-chest and has a gold key pendant. The combination looks great. It will bring out other gold accessories without using a hand item. This lovely top is accommodated with the same plum color and vintage design pin skirt, that fits short and snug. This outfit reminds me of a high fashion Goth look.

Lace Top: Threads> A-Z> Original> Tops- $0.49
Rating: 3/3

Skirt: Threads> A-Z> Original> Legs- $0.49
Rating: 3/3

Lace Club Top

This ever-so-sexy, cranberry colored blouse, has white lace that starts at the left breast falls around the back and closes at the rear. It has multiple spaghetti straps leading in to 1 and forming a V-shape on the back. This blouse shows a lot of skin. It is lifted on the left side and falls down to a slant on the right side. The blouse can be wore as a classy yet sexy top, or a lingerie top. Either way, the top is ultra sexy and you'll have all eyes on you while wearing it.

Lace Club Top - Threads, A-Z, Original, Top, (Lace Club Top)- $0.49
Rating: 3/3

Lei Top and Low Rise Pareo

Lei Top: What can I say about this's necklace of flowers...A Hawaiian set of flowers that drapes over your bare breast, exposing your back and stomach area. Perfect for a luhao. This piece can be purchased in pink, yellow, or light blue.

Low Rise Pareo: The low rise pareo is a skirt that hangs low, admiring the womans figure by showing a little peek at her rear, and lower lining of the stomach. It doesn't show too much, just a little to keep them guessing. The pareo is printed with a tropical flower, and ties around the left side of the waste revealing the left thigh for a tease. This very sexy bottom can be purchased in pink, yellow, or light blue.

Lei: Threads> A-Z> Granzella> Tops $1.99
Rating: 1/3

Low Rise Pareo: Threads> A-Z> Granzella> Legs- $1.99
Rating: 3/3

Written by: Keema155
Model: Ms_Aqua_Fina

Risque Promotional Flyer

Flyer by: Misz_Evie

Monday, October 22, 2012

Project Runway Season 7 Casting

Casting for 
Project Runway Season 7

Season 7 of Project Runway on Playstation Home is now underway!  Are you a fashion designer on PS Home and want to prove you are one of the best?  Join the Competition and prove it then!  Add BaddIncCasting on Playstation Network to receive your application.  Spots are limited so act fast!  PSN Card Cash Prize to the winning Designer and Model.

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RL 2 Avi: Fall Trends 2012

RL 2 Avi: Fall Trends 2012

This Fall Season of 2012 has just EXPLODED with trends in real life.  So many old styles have came back, but reinvented in more a modern way!  So are we here reading this article for real-life fashion, or for avatar fashion?  Well, actually...Both!  "RL 2 Avi" is one of the new series of articles you will be able to enjoy here at Risqué Magazine!  In this series we will show you ways to translate current real life trends directly onto your avatar on Playstation Home!

The Risqué Modeling Agency has put together an EXCLUSIVE Fall Collection for Risqué Magazine.  So what exactly are some of these new (or rather old) trends that have surfaced (or resurfaced)?  Lets jump right on in.

Oxblood:  If you're not familiar with this color, its wine or burgundy.  Anything in this color right now is HOT.
Indigo:  The color blue is also IN.  Very 'cool' color for fall this season.
Color Blocking: Yes, this is still cool. Go sporty and go bright all Autumn long without worry!  Don't be afraid to make a bold statement with  loud colors.  They did NOT, I repeat, DID NOT go out of style.
Prints:  Prints are back with a vengeance.  You can go from HEAD to TOE with your prints this season.  Printed shirt, pants, handbags, WHATEVER!  Just remember to keep your prints exactly the same or keep the colors in the same family to avoid a disaster!
Horizontal Stripes:  Where did these stripes come from?  I don't know but this season they are Working!
Quilted Material:  Remember the stuff that your Grandma used to wear?  Well its back with a modern touch!
Sweaters:  With or Without print is OK.  Chunky sweaters with big stitch designs?  OK too!
Collars:  Detachable collars that you can put on like a necklace.  Plain/Studded/Decorated. The risk you'll be happy you made!  Not saying that attached collars can't be in style too.
Embroidery:  Dresses or Shirts.  Something very fancy and elegant.
Quirky Hats:  If the hat is too quirky try using a collar to frame your face a little better.  The last thing you want is for the rest of your outfit to be overlooked by your weird hat.
Baseball Caps:  Paired with a sporty top and chic accessories the Baseball Cap can put a different spin on your outfit completely.
Military Hats:  Mix it with a business suit, topcoat, and more.  Give it a try, you can get away with it right now!
Military Buttons:  Topcoats with military style buttons in the front (double column).
Pointed Heels:  Point those toes in the right direction this fall with pointed heels!

These are the Main trends going on right now from what I've seen all through  the collections of different designers.  So how exactly did the Risqué Models do?  Let's have a look.  Techniques used will be in Italics  to show how multiple trends can be used at once.  Click the pictures to see in full size.  To inquire about any of the clothing items please send an email to

Model: Mz_Aqua_Fina
The ever talented Mz Aqua Fina here has chosen a bright red business blazer with white unbuttoned shirt, paired with an Indigo skirt, and color blocked red/indigo heels.

Model: DominionAtrix87
The youngest phenomenon in Risqué Fashion we present DominionAtrix87.  Using a color blocked, oxblood shirt with matching oxblood stilettos.  The black skirt has military style buttons along the front.  She also carries a black and white printed bag which is very 'in'.

Model: DominionAtrix87
One of the cutest looks I've laid eyes on all season.  Quilted print top paired with shorts (very nice combination, can also be used as a night time look believe it or not).  Stroke of cute genius.

Model: misz_evie
Yours truly!  Military hat with military buttoned topcoat.  Copper colored tattoos on legs to match along with the buttons and color blocked (not pictured) boot wedges in the same color.

Model: Mz_Aqua_Fina
Indigo military style hat beautifully paired along to match with her indigo coat.  Bright yellow clutch to match beautifully with her trimmings.

Model: misz_evie
Bright red military hat with long braids to give the hat the chic touch.  Sleeveless sweater vest with horizontal stripes and neck scarf.  Jeans for the casual touch and black/oxblood printed heels.

Model: misz_evie
Dare you wear something in Noob?  Well if you know what your doing this fall in fashion trends you may know exactly how to pull it off.  Sporty denim jacket with baseball cap.  Red Printed Skirt and pointed black heels.  All finished off with a black student bag and a bright red handle.

Model: DominionAtrix87
Brown jacket over white blouse with white skirt to match.  This may not have a specific name above but the style in which she wears her jacket is very 'in' for this season.  A very good example of style.  The gloves give her the sporty look this season so desires.

Model: Mz_Aqua_Fina
Quirky Hat #1!  If you are going to do it, do it right!  Business top in black with a wonderful white tie. Harem pants on bottom.  Whats makes this outfit even More interesting is the combination of the brown/black clutch to match the cheetah printed open toe heels.

Model: Mz_Aqua_Fina
Quirky Hat #2!  Matching EVER SO LOVELY with Mz Aqua Fina's printed sweater in bright yellow and orange.  Pulled together lovely with a sand colored skirt/brown belt, and tall brown/sand wedge boots.

Model: misz_evie
Quirky Hat #3!  The Bobbed hairstyle frames the face well.  Black turtle neck with Indigo business skirt.  Indigo, white, and pink bag.  Open toe black heels.  The nerdy red glasses are great for relieving all of the attention from going directly to the hat.

Model: Mz_Aqua_Fina
Quirky Hat #4!  In what other color but a shade of our beloved Indigo this season.  This is the most beautiful example of a printed sweater, and horizontal stripes together.  The open toe leather wedges match the very shade of pink in the sweater remarkably.  Rolled up jeans say this look can be taken directly to the street this autumn!

Well there you have it!  We've showed you how to use a few of this Fall Seasons' Real Life trends on your Avatar without looking like a fashion disaster.  Keep coming back for exclusives like this, that can only be found here at Risqué Magazine!

-Misz Evie (Chief Editor)

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