Monday, November 26, 2012

Update 11/14-11/27

Dress, Boots, Pigtails, Beret Set 
Location: Granzella > Casual
Colors: Purple, Blue, Red
Price: $3.99

Big floral patterns on a winter dress!  SO in style right now in real life, I love it!  The boots look sure to keep you warm, but that's not the best part.  This set comes with a very cute beret that comes in THREE SIZES as a head accessory!  What does this mean?  It means you can throw your beret on with any hairstyle you like!
Rating: 3/3

Over-shoulder Suit Jacket, Pants, and Hunting Cap Set
Location: Granzella > Casual
Colors: White, Black, Red
Price: $2.99

Dressy printed shirt with a jacket slung over the shoulders.  Comes with a very nice hunting hat to give this ensemble a sporty appeal.  Very nice dress pants come with the heels to match.  
Rating: 3/3

Uproar General Hat, Leather Jacket, Split Buckle Skirt and Stockings, Stilletto Boots
Location: Uproar
Colors: Blue, Orange/Brown
Price: 480 Credits (120 Credits Each)

These very original pieces of clothing can only be found at one place, Uproar.  To purchase these you must buy and use in-game credits.  The very sexy leather jacket comes waist-high with blue/orange trim on the arms, over a bikini top and a neck scarf.  Split buckle skirt and stockings come in their respective colors and are paired very well to their Stilletto Boot counterparts.  Very nice pieces to break down and use for new outfits.
Rating: 3/3

Sea Nymph Clothing Bundle
Location: Juggernaut Store > Adventure Packs > Nautilus > Value Packs
Colors: Blue, Violet
Price: $4.49

Large florescent leaves form your Very risque bikini top and skirt.  Accompanying this truly beautiful set are matching leaf anklets.  I've already made amazing outfits using these pieces and this is definitely a MUST HAVE.
Rating: 3/3

Written by: Misz_Evie
Model: Ms_Aqua_Fina

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Update Review 11/7-11/13

Race On Shoes
Costume>A-Z>Race On>Feet
Price: $0.99
Colors: Pink, Orange, Red, Black

A nice pair of round toe heels with a black and white checker print on the back that reaches around the left and right of the shoe. Has a 4-inch black heel that's wide at the top and narrows toward the tip.
Rating: 3/3

Ribbon Booties
Price: $0.99
Colors: Sand, Pink, Seafoam

YES YES YES! That's all I can say about these stylish ankle boots. They come in 3 soft colors that fit the season. To add to them, there is a small cuff at the ankle of the boot with a bow on the outer side that adds a bit of elegance. These are the best shoes that we've received in a while. THANKS GRANZELLA!!!
Rating: 3/3

Knit Dresses

Price: $1.99

Knit Dress(Monochrome Argyle)
What an awesome item, and again a piece that fits the season!!! A knit dress with a wide mach neck collar. The dress drapes down, not adding to much to the shape of your avi. This piece has a monochrome argyle design going around the entire dress, with two chrome lines going around the bottom.
Rating: 3/3

Dark Grey Knit Dress
This is a light grey dress with a mach neck that has vertical sweater lines on the body and sleeves, with a darker grey at the bottom.
Rating: 3/3

Blossom Pink Knit Dress (not pictured)
Diamonds and lines imprints. This is a very feminine soft color that matches well with a number of shoes.
Rating: 3/3

Race On Outfits (not pictured)
Costume>A-Z>Race On>Outfit
Price: $1.49
Colors: Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange
This is a one piece suit. Boooooo!!! It would be great to wear the top alone. I have the perfect fit in mind. Anyway, the leather top is fly, the back is black with thick colored lines on the back upper shoulders. It has a colored collar that continues down the chest-line to a silver zipper. The black circles the color, forming a oval shape on the stomach and sides. The sleeves are a lined with color and have a checker print strip running down the sides.
Rating: 1/3

Sexy Race On Suits 
Costume>A-Z>Race On>Outfit
Price: $1.99

Slender sexy one piece racer outfit leaves your back, sides, and chest exposed. The top goes around the neck and down the breast covering a little, but not giving away too much.  It fits the silhouette, showing every avi curve, and forms a bell bottom at the bottom of the legs. It pretty much looks great with any shoe. Also, there are checkered strips going down the left and right sides, with checkered arm warmers.
Rating: 2/3

Race On Trousers (not pictured)
Costume>A-Z>Race On>Legs
Price: 0.99
Ummmm... black leather, fitting trousers. They fit snug and have a silver belt around the waist.
Rating: 1/3

Race On Helmets
Costume>A-Z>Race On>Head
Price: $0.99

Helmet Carrot On (not pictured)
Baby pink helmet with a bunny emblem on the back. Carrots print around the front and back. Has a black visor
Rating: 0/3

Helmet Heart On (not pictured)
All black with a orange colored heart emblem that has red flares coming from the heart on the back. Has a black visor
Rating: 2/3

Helmet Bunny Race On (not pictured)
Pink helmet with a white line on the top reaching to the back. Has a bunny emblem on the back and a black visor
Rating: 1/3

Noble Woman Dress (not pictured)
Colors: Teal & Purple, Black & Red, Purple & Black
Price: $1.99
A beautiful dress embroidered with Avalon time designs in gold on the chest. With a embroidered belt around the waist. The bottom falls down and flares, and the arms flare as well. Gold embroidered plates on the elbow, accented with a gold necklace that brings the dress to life.
Rating: 2/3

Noble Woman Flats (not pictured)
Price: $0.99
Colors: Black, Red, Tan
Baby doll shoe with a black strap lacing across the foot .
Rating: 1/3

Written by: Keema155
Models PIctured: Ms_Aqua_Fina, Keema155

Cover Article: Business Fashionista

Cover Article: Business Fashionista

What makes a successful business? Dedication, organization, marketing , good staff, good management, and a great product. With these ingredients equal success. Playstation Home allows us to use our imaginations mixed with real life goals. They supply us with the tools for a low price to create our vision. Its up to us to bring it to life. Our PS Home life.

What's a Fashionista? A designer, promoter, or a follower of the latest trends. Being a Home Fashionista takes a lot of skills. We have a limited amount of clothing, so to always have on a outfit that no one has thought of makes your style special. If you can take the latest trends, and add your signature to it, THAT makes your style unique. If you can wear an original outfit, and make people want to by your pieces, THAT makes you the ULTIMATE Fashionista, and this puts you in the perfect position to be a great Business Fashionista. You promote your product by just walking down the streets of Home.

Now, this is where the magic happens: The fashion business. Personally, I'd recommend to start a modeling agency as a first business venture. I say this because running an agency gives you a chance to hit all points of fashion designing/modeling, shows, and photo shoots. You get to manage talent and experience different people, and their different styles on another level which is pretty freaking awesome! You can teach, advise, andorganize, which is a learning experience in it self. There's always room for improvement, but never room for error. If u find yourself down, dust yourself off and try again. A little dust never hurt anybody, just learn from your mistakes. 

People think looking beautiful and stylish is easy. Ever heard of the saying "Beauty is Pain"?   WELL IT'S STRESSFUL TOO!!!! They left that one out! Have you ever organized a fashion show? Well, take it from a successful Business Fashionista.. "It's hard out here for a pimp!" LoL Okay sorry, I had a moment. Corny, yea I know. Don't judge me! <_< Anyways, yes. When managing a fashion show you have to make a schedule, edit all of the outfits, decorate, manage multiple practices, get a DJ, edit music, find a host... Need I go on? Some of the biggest parts of creating a show is to find a theme, advertise, and stay original all at the same time. Gosh, it's hard work huh? It takes dedication not only from you, but from your models. Remember, you are only as good as the work you put in!!! After all, the reward is SUCCESS! What a great feeling!

A fashion show is a form of entertainment, as well as marketing. Marketing is everything if you want your business to succeed. You have to sell your product, so you go all or nothing. Fashion shows, fashion galas/advertisement parties, flyers, commercials, interviews, a website, the whole Shaabang. The website is great because it gives your audience a direct place to look at your past work and accomplishments. It allows you to indtroduce and explain yourself, as well as your product. With an agency, it's imperative for you to host photo shoots, to build portfolios for your models. This is an advertising tool as well. Market your models so they get exposure, which will get them jobs that will help maximize their experience. Experience comes with time. The more jobs your models get, the faster they'll grow to be the best. Having the best models means better exposure. Not to mention, it's fun coming up with original themes for photo shoots. The photo shoots also prepare your model's wardrobe and skills to compete in any category.

Now on to the next task, which is modeling/designing. The most important thing everyone in the fashion business needs is confidence. This is a must, because you have to be able to wear anything and make it look good. Your confidence is in your presentation. You also need to manage your models so they know how to use emotes to increase the understanding, and image of their outfit. They need to know how to walk straight, pose fast, and walk different runways. A qualilty that every model must have, is the ability to take constructive criticism and grow from it. Some people find it to be offensive, but to build a strong minded model, they have to understand that how they take constructive criticism might make or break them. A great Business Fashionista knows all of this. They have grown to understand different ways to teach and build. Not only have they learned, but they have experienced these all of these things first hand as well. You have to start from some where. Modeling is where everyone starts. Managing is done well from of this understanding: It's not as easy as it looks. A Business Fashionista holds a certain confidence and people respect that. It's very inspiring to your up and coming models.

In this article you've learned how to become a successful Business Fashionista. You've learned step-by-step how to build a successful model agency, how to build a confident state of mind for your models, and how to advertise. As a Fashionista you have to be a trend setter, staying two steps ahead of the game. You have to set the bar high and be a confident leader. It's not an easy task, but its worth it. If you love fashion, and have a great mind for business, this is a awesome start to becoming a Business Fashionista.

Written by: Keema155

Fashion Parts War Ad

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Mix Up: 10/31-11/6

Welcome Fashionists to The Mix Up!

As for an introduction to this section of RFM, The Mix Up goes as follows.  After each Update Review, The Mix Up is a special section brought to you by Risque Modeling Agency.  This section is for fashionists who are looking for a little bit of inspiration for their newly purchased clothing from the update.  Here are some sample outfits for you to look at, put on, or variate!  Enjoy!  RFM presents to you, The Mix Up!  

Models: Ms_Aqua_Fina & xMrAero_Postalex of Risque Modeling Agency

Update Review 10/31-11/6

HGL Letterman
VeeMee Store>HGL Tab
Bundle: $5.49
Individual: $1.99

These awesome supporter jackets give team spirit to Home with their stylish designs, and bright, unique color mixtures.

Troops jacket comes in a mustard color with white sleeves. The collar, the end of the sleeves, and the lower lining of the jacket is colored mustard with 2 white lines. On the lower left and right sides of the jacket is a pocket on each side that share a white diagonal line. The jacket has a team emblem on the upper left and on the center back.
The HGL jacket is a bright blue with the same detail as the troop jacket

The Critters jacket is a dark pink and shares the same detail as the previous jackets.

The Undead jacket has a different color touch to it. With a dark purple center and light blue sleeves and details, this is by far my fav jacket. These two colors look great together

The Sonics' Letterman is one of a kind, i can see this jacket being a fan favorite because of the loud color...It makes this jacket more noticeable. The center is an electric blue with bright yellow sleeves and detail. A MUST HAVE!

Rating: 3/3

Embroidered Jackets Set of 5

This 5 jacket bundle from Granzella is awesome. You get 5 two-toned jackets that are open with a white T-shirt underneath.  Taking up the entire back of the jackets, is a roaring lion standing on a rock with water splashing, hitting up against it. All of this for a very low price. These are the 1st jackets released from Granzella with such amazing detail, and it fits the female avi perfect. It's not too tight nor too loose,  which makes it fit well with any bottom whether it be jeans baggy or tight, a skirt, or a comfy pair of sweats. You have to love these jackets!

Rating: 3/3

HGL Hoodies
Hoodie Bundle $3.99
Individual $1.49

Ugghhh, these hoodies are ugly and baggy. I'm not really into them, but they are cute if you're into that sporty look. Each hoodie is it's team color, they have a big front pocket with two entry points. They also feature two drawstrings hanging from the front of the collar. Nevertheless, these hoodies have a nice size hood on the back, and the team logo is placed a little
 lower, on the center of the back

Rating: 2/3

Written by: Keema155
Model: Ms_Aqua_Fina

Risque Fashion Magazine Commercial

Produced by: PrincessDomaro-

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Princess Domaro Interview

Hi readers!  This month we have a very exclusive interview of a true pillar in Playstation Home's fashion community.  She goes by the infamous name of Princess Domaro.  In my Playstation Home experience, she's personally one of my biggest inspirations thus far for my own Playstation Home fashion accomplishments.  Now, without further interruption, Risqué Fashion Magazine brings to you...

Princess Domaro

Evie: Greetings Princess Domaro.

Princess Domaro: Hiya Evie.

EvieIt hasn't been too long since I've seen you last at The Catwalk competition.  Welcome to Risqué Magazine!  For those who don't know you out there, tell us a little bit about yourself.

PD: Well, I'm Dom, everyone just calls me that or PD. I love Fashion in real life and on Home, and one of my goals on Home is to educate people about fashion, and bring them together through all the competitions that I hold.

EvieThis which I've seen in action while either competing in your competitions or judging in them.  By the way, readers, this is the very woman who hosts the Project Runway competition that gave me My start in fashion on Home.

PDYes, Project Runway is by far my biggest accomplishment on Home!

EvieYes, it's a competition I'll never forget! It's also very interesting that your Project Runway on Playstation Home derives from the show on TV.  Can you describe to people how this contest works, in case they've never seen the show?

PDI sure can, Basically we select a pool of designers and they work toward making it to the Top 3 by competing in challenge after challenge. They work with one of our great models to produce their looks and send them down the runway. Every challenge we pick a top and bottom 3, and someone is eliminated. All of them working toward the final 3 goal of showing their collection on Home.

EvieNow, when you say "our" models, what do you mean by that?  Are you a part of an organization?

PDYes, we are. Back when I started the show a year and a half ago, we also decided to name the Production Company, it's called Badd Incorporated. We are one of the few successful independent Home production companies out there, and we also spawn into a model management agency as well.

EvieVery nice PD!  Seeing as you've already cast your 7th season of Project Runway, I too would call your company very successful.  So, are there any other competitions besides Project Runway on the horizon from Badd Inc.?

PDYes, during the winter we will be having a competition where you learn lessons about fashion as you go, while competing for a grand prize. It will be entitled "Perfection by Design"

EvieWow, that sounds exciting and definitely original.  I look forward to advertising that here in Risqué Magazine this winter.  Now, as this is a fashion magazine, let's go into the fashion of Princess Domaro.  I know you go to school and major in Fashion Design correct?  What is Princess Domaro's signature fashion?

PDYes, I do. My style really is eclectic. Being a fashion student I really love taking in everything that goes on in the fashion world! My day to day style is very relaxed, and Boho chic, i love taking loose fitting long items and pairing them with an interesting top to create something with native vibes. At the same time, however, I like to do bold, statement making things, with strong colors and patterns that make people do a double take. Either way, my style is gonna catch your eye!

EvieFabulous!  As the clothing we work with on Playstation Home may be a bit difficult at times (due to glitching between items and so on), what would You like to see in the future of Playstation Home clothing?

PDWell, I would like the option of more color customization available for purchase, with the recent additions of the nDreams home, and custom tattoos, clothing customization may not be too far off.

EvieLet's keep our finger's crossed.  I know I personally want to see sub-categories such as: Hands> Nails, Feet> Toes, or even a more complex make up system.  Clothing still has a ways to go, but as does our fashion community as a whole.  Where did you see the fashion community before Project Runway, and where do you see it headed now?

PDWell, I do think Project Runway has jump started the Home Fashion Community, this show impacts everyone who takes a part in it, and it educates and encourages people to think outside of the box while keeping real world fashions in mind. So, I feel the community as a whole is now definitely moving ahead steadily, and 7 seasons of Runway hasn't hurt the community either. Hehe.

EvieI definitely agree, as I'm a Project Runway child myself.  You've had a very big impact on Playstation Home's fashion community overall.  It's been an honor to interview you Princess Domaro, and you're always welcome here at Risqué Magazine.  Do you have any shout outs, and where can aspiring fashionists get in contact with you?

PDI just wanna shout out to everyone who makes what we do possible, Bubble, Apple, Jake, Cobra, Cocoa, Tink, and all of our fabulous models! Also all the designers who have competed season after season! Y'all bring the heat!!!
I encourage any and everyone who would like to know more about the show, or myself to message me on my personal account 'PrincessDomaro-' , moreover, if they'd like to be involved in a future event, to add or message 'BaddIncCasting'! Thanks for your time Evie, you rock!

That last statement honestly feels good coming from the biggest fashionista/business woman I've ever met on Playstation Home at the beginning of Summer 2011.  In the fashion world, on Playstation Home, shes truly an inspiration to our community.  For those of you aspiring to succeed in fashion, it's always good to have somebody to look up to.  Somebody positive to follow in the footsteps of, and somebody who will support you along the way.  Princess Domaro was just that person for me.  Her organization Badd Inc. supports many upcoming fashionists big and small.  In closing, I'd like to say Thank You to Princess Domaro for being the woman she is for not only me, but the rest of the fashionists on Playstation Home.  Her competitions truly give you a sense of self accomplishment and  success.

Walk in our shadow, and we will help you find Your light at the end of a runway.
-Misz Evie

Making The Runway

Holaaaaa!  Welcome to "Making The Runway".  I'm your designer, Kee (Keema155): Lead Decorator for Risqué.  Decorating is my 2nd nature.  I believe in entertaining the eye, giving the people something more to look at than fashion...SCENERY!!! First impressions are everything, and in this segment I'll demonstrate how to make yours a memorable one.  Every segment released will inform you on different styles, shapes, and colors that you can use to create the ultimate runway.  Now, let us begin!!!

Step 1

Line up the Race Tables (6 recommendated). 3 on each side.

Step 2
Place the Chrome Credenza against a wall. Move the Smug Table in front of the Chrome Credenza leaving a small gap between the two.


Place the Harbour Studio Storage Container under the Smug Table, and slowly raise the Harbour Studio Storage Container upwards, flipping the Smug Table on its side.

Step 4
Slowly push the Chrome Credenza against the Smug Table. Sliding both of them in front of your placed Racing Dining Tables.You might have to repeat this step a couple of times to get it right. (Do Not Confirm the movement until your smug table is in place).

Step 5

Separate your 2 Race Dining Tables at the end just enough so that the leg of the Smug Table can slide between. Proceed to slowly push the Chrome Credenza against the Smug Table until it fits snug in front of your Race Dining table (repeat this step for the other side).

Step 6

Make sure your tables are aligned, and decorate as desired

Congrats, you've completed your 1st unique runway.  As always we address the readers needs and wants so please feel free to email us at or message via PS3 at 'Risque_Fashion'.  Thanks for reading, and I cant wait to see everyone for our next segment of Making The Runway!!