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Cover Article: Business Fashionista

Cover Article: Business Fashionista

What makes a successful business? Dedication, organization, marketing , good staff, good management, and a great product. With these ingredients equal success. Playstation Home allows us to use our imaginations mixed with real life goals. They supply us with the tools for a low price to create our vision. Its up to us to bring it to life. Our PS Home life.

What's a Fashionista? A designer, promoter, or a follower of the latest trends. Being a Home Fashionista takes a lot of skills. We have a limited amount of clothing, so to always have on a outfit that no one has thought of makes your style special. If you can take the latest trends, and add your signature to it, THAT makes your style unique. If you can wear an original outfit, and make people want to by your pieces, THAT makes you the ULTIMATE Fashionista, and this puts you in the perfect position to be a great Business Fashionista. You promote your product by just walking down the streets of Home.

Now, this is where the magic happens: The fashion business. Personally, I'd recommend to start a modeling agency as a first business venture. I say this because running an agency gives you a chance to hit all points of fashion designing/modeling, shows, and photo shoots. You get to manage talent and experience different people, and their different styles on another level which is pretty freaking awesome! You can teach, advise, andorganize, which is a learning experience in it self. There's always room for improvement, but never room for error. If u find yourself down, dust yourself off and try again. A little dust never hurt anybody, just learn from your mistakes. 

People think looking beautiful and stylish is easy. Ever heard of the saying "Beauty is Pain"?   WELL IT'S STRESSFUL TOO!!!! They left that one out! Have you ever organized a fashion show? Well, take it from a successful Business Fashionista.. "It's hard out here for a pimp!" LoL Okay sorry, I had a moment. Corny, yea I know. Don't judge me! <_< Anyways, yes. When managing a fashion show you have to make a schedule, edit all of the outfits, decorate, manage multiple practices, get a DJ, edit music, find a host... Need I go on? Some of the biggest parts of creating a show is to find a theme, advertise, and stay original all at the same time. Gosh, it's hard work huh? It takes dedication not only from you, but from your models. Remember, you are only as good as the work you put in!!! After all, the reward is SUCCESS! What a great feeling!

A fashion show is a form of entertainment, as well as marketing. Marketing is everything if you want your business to succeed. You have to sell your product, so you go all or nothing. Fashion shows, fashion galas/advertisement parties, flyers, commercials, interviews, a website, the whole Shaabang. The website is great because it gives your audience a direct place to look at your past work and accomplishments. It allows you to indtroduce and explain yourself, as well as your product. With an agency, it's imperative for you to host photo shoots, to build portfolios for your models. This is an advertising tool as well. Market your models so they get exposure, which will get them jobs that will help maximize their experience. Experience comes with time. The more jobs your models get, the faster they'll grow to be the best. Having the best models means better exposure. Not to mention, it's fun coming up with original themes for photo shoots. The photo shoots also prepare your model's wardrobe and skills to compete in any category.

Now on to the next task, which is modeling/designing. The most important thing everyone in the fashion business needs is confidence. This is a must, because you have to be able to wear anything and make it look good. Your confidence is in your presentation. You also need to manage your models so they know how to use emotes to increase the understanding, and image of their outfit. They need to know how to walk straight, pose fast, and walk different runways. A qualilty that every model must have, is the ability to take constructive criticism and grow from it. Some people find it to be offensive, but to build a strong minded model, they have to understand that how they take constructive criticism might make or break them. A great Business Fashionista knows all of this. They have grown to understand different ways to teach and build. Not only have they learned, but they have experienced these all of these things first hand as well. You have to start from some where. Modeling is where everyone starts. Managing is done well from of this understanding: It's not as easy as it looks. A Business Fashionista holds a certain confidence and people respect that. It's very inspiring to your up and coming models.

In this article you've learned how to become a successful Business Fashionista. You've learned step-by-step how to build a successful model agency, how to build a confident state of mind for your models, and how to advertise. As a Fashionista you have to be a trend setter, staying two steps ahead of the game. You have to set the bar high and be a confident leader. It's not an easy task, but its worth it. If you love fashion, and have a great mind for business, this is a awesome start to becoming a Business Fashionista.

Written by: Keema155

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