Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making The Runway

Holaaaaa!  Welcome to "Making The Runway".  I'm your designer, Kee (Keema155): Lead Decorator for Risqué.  Decorating is my 2nd nature.  I believe in entertaining the eye, giving the people something more to look at than fashion...SCENERY!!! First impressions are everything, and in this segment I'll demonstrate how to make yours a memorable one.  Every segment released will inform you on different styles, shapes, and colors that you can use to create the ultimate runway.  Now, let us begin!!!

Step 1

Line up the Race Tables (6 recommendated). 3 on each side.

Step 2
Place the Chrome Credenza against a wall. Move the Smug Table in front of the Chrome Credenza leaving a small gap between the two.


Place the Harbour Studio Storage Container under the Smug Table, and slowly raise the Harbour Studio Storage Container upwards, flipping the Smug Table on its side.

Step 4
Slowly push the Chrome Credenza against the Smug Table. Sliding both of them in front of your placed Racing Dining Tables.You might have to repeat this step a couple of times to get it right. (Do Not Confirm the movement until your smug table is in place).

Step 5

Separate your 2 Race Dining Tables at the end just enough so that the leg of the Smug Table can slide between. Proceed to slowly push the Chrome Credenza against the Smug Table until it fits snug in front of your Race Dining table (repeat this step for the other side).

Step 6

Make sure your tables are aligned, and decorate as desired

Congrats, you've completed your 1st unique runway.  As always we address the readers needs and wants so please feel free to email us at or message via PS3 at 'Risque_Fashion'.  Thanks for reading, and I cant wait to see everyone for our next segment of Making The Runway!!


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