Thursday, November 1, 2012

Princess Domaro Interview

Hi readers!  This month we have a very exclusive interview of a true pillar in Playstation Home's fashion community.  She goes by the infamous name of Princess Domaro.  In my Playstation Home experience, she's personally one of my biggest inspirations thus far for my own Playstation Home fashion accomplishments.  Now, without further interruption, Risqué Fashion Magazine brings to you...

Princess Domaro

Evie: Greetings Princess Domaro.

Princess Domaro: Hiya Evie.

EvieIt hasn't been too long since I've seen you last at The Catwalk competition.  Welcome to Risqué Magazine!  For those who don't know you out there, tell us a little bit about yourself.

PD: Well, I'm Dom, everyone just calls me that or PD. I love Fashion in real life and on Home, and one of my goals on Home is to educate people about fashion, and bring them together through all the competitions that I hold.

EvieThis which I've seen in action while either competing in your competitions or judging in them.  By the way, readers, this is the very woman who hosts the Project Runway competition that gave me My start in fashion on Home.

PDYes, Project Runway is by far my biggest accomplishment on Home!

EvieYes, it's a competition I'll never forget! It's also very interesting that your Project Runway on Playstation Home derives from the show on TV.  Can you describe to people how this contest works, in case they've never seen the show?

PDI sure can, Basically we select a pool of designers and they work toward making it to the Top 3 by competing in challenge after challenge. They work with one of our great models to produce their looks and send them down the runway. Every challenge we pick a top and bottom 3, and someone is eliminated. All of them working toward the final 3 goal of showing their collection on Home.

EvieNow, when you say "our" models, what do you mean by that?  Are you a part of an organization?

PDYes, we are. Back when I started the show a year and a half ago, we also decided to name the Production Company, it's called Badd Incorporated. We are one of the few successful independent Home production companies out there, and we also spawn into a model management agency as well.

EvieVery nice PD!  Seeing as you've already cast your 7th season of Project Runway, I too would call your company very successful.  So, are there any other competitions besides Project Runway on the horizon from Badd Inc.?

PDYes, during the winter we will be having a competition where you learn lessons about fashion as you go, while competing for a grand prize. It will be entitled "Perfection by Design"

EvieWow, that sounds exciting and definitely original.  I look forward to advertising that here in Risqué Magazine this winter.  Now, as this is a fashion magazine, let's go into the fashion of Princess Domaro.  I know you go to school and major in Fashion Design correct?  What is Princess Domaro's signature fashion?

PDYes, I do. My style really is eclectic. Being a fashion student I really love taking in everything that goes on in the fashion world! My day to day style is very relaxed, and Boho chic, i love taking loose fitting long items and pairing them with an interesting top to create something with native vibes. At the same time, however, I like to do bold, statement making things, with strong colors and patterns that make people do a double take. Either way, my style is gonna catch your eye!

EvieFabulous!  As the clothing we work with on Playstation Home may be a bit difficult at times (due to glitching between items and so on), what would You like to see in the future of Playstation Home clothing?

PDWell, I would like the option of more color customization available for purchase, with the recent additions of the nDreams home, and custom tattoos, clothing customization may not be too far off.

EvieLet's keep our finger's crossed.  I know I personally want to see sub-categories such as: Hands> Nails, Feet> Toes, or even a more complex make up system.  Clothing still has a ways to go, but as does our fashion community as a whole.  Where did you see the fashion community before Project Runway, and where do you see it headed now?

PDWell, I do think Project Runway has jump started the Home Fashion Community, this show impacts everyone who takes a part in it, and it educates and encourages people to think outside of the box while keeping real world fashions in mind. So, I feel the community as a whole is now definitely moving ahead steadily, and 7 seasons of Runway hasn't hurt the community either. Hehe.

EvieI definitely agree, as I'm a Project Runway child myself.  You've had a very big impact on Playstation Home's fashion community overall.  It's been an honor to interview you Princess Domaro, and you're always welcome here at Risqué Magazine.  Do you have any shout outs, and where can aspiring fashionists get in contact with you?

PDI just wanna shout out to everyone who makes what we do possible, Bubble, Apple, Jake, Cobra, Cocoa, Tink, and all of our fabulous models! Also all the designers who have competed season after season! Y'all bring the heat!!!
I encourage any and everyone who would like to know more about the show, or myself to message me on my personal account 'PrincessDomaro-' , moreover, if they'd like to be involved in a future event, to add or message 'BaddIncCasting'! Thanks for your time Evie, you rock!

That last statement honestly feels good coming from the biggest fashionista/business woman I've ever met on Playstation Home at the beginning of Summer 2011.  In the fashion world, on Playstation Home, shes truly an inspiration to our community.  For those of you aspiring to succeed in fashion, it's always good to have somebody to look up to.  Somebody positive to follow in the footsteps of, and somebody who will support you along the way.  Princess Domaro was just that person for me.  Her organization Badd Inc. supports many upcoming fashionists big and small.  In closing, I'd like to say Thank You to Princess Domaro for being the woman she is for not only me, but the rest of the fashionists on Playstation Home.  Her competitions truly give you a sense of self accomplishment and  success.

Walk in our shadow, and we will help you find Your light at the end of a runway.
-Misz Evie

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