Monday, November 26, 2012

Update 11/14-11/27

Dress, Boots, Pigtails, Beret Set 
Location: Granzella > Casual
Colors: Purple, Blue, Red
Price: $3.99

Big floral patterns on a winter dress!  SO in style right now in real life, I love it!  The boots look sure to keep you warm, but that's not the best part.  This set comes with a very cute beret that comes in THREE SIZES as a head accessory!  What does this mean?  It means you can throw your beret on with any hairstyle you like!
Rating: 3/3

Over-shoulder Suit Jacket, Pants, and Hunting Cap Set
Location: Granzella > Casual
Colors: White, Black, Red
Price: $2.99

Dressy printed shirt with a jacket slung over the shoulders.  Comes with a very nice hunting hat to give this ensemble a sporty appeal.  Very nice dress pants come with the heels to match.  
Rating: 3/3

Uproar General Hat, Leather Jacket, Split Buckle Skirt and Stockings, Stilletto Boots
Location: Uproar
Colors: Blue, Orange/Brown
Price: 480 Credits (120 Credits Each)

These very original pieces of clothing can only be found at one place, Uproar.  To purchase these you must buy and use in-game credits.  The very sexy leather jacket comes waist-high with blue/orange trim on the arms, over a bikini top and a neck scarf.  Split buckle skirt and stockings come in their respective colors and are paired very well to their Stilletto Boot counterparts.  Very nice pieces to break down and use for new outfits.
Rating: 3/3

Sea Nymph Clothing Bundle
Location: Juggernaut Store > Adventure Packs > Nautilus > Value Packs
Colors: Blue, Violet
Price: $4.49

Large florescent leaves form your Very risque bikini top and skirt.  Accompanying this truly beautiful set are matching leaf anklets.  I've already made amazing outfits using these pieces and this is definitely a MUST HAVE.
Rating: 3/3

Written by: Misz_Evie
Model: Ms_Aqua_Fina

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