Thursday, November 8, 2012

Update Review 11/7-11/13

Race On Shoes
Costume>A-Z>Race On>Feet
Price: $0.99
Colors: Pink, Orange, Red, Black

A nice pair of round toe heels with a black and white checker print on the back that reaches around the left and right of the shoe. Has a 4-inch black heel that's wide at the top and narrows toward the tip.
Rating: 3/3

Ribbon Booties
Price: $0.99
Colors: Sand, Pink, Seafoam

YES YES YES! That's all I can say about these stylish ankle boots. They come in 3 soft colors that fit the season. To add to them, there is a small cuff at the ankle of the boot with a bow on the outer side that adds a bit of elegance. These are the best shoes that we've received in a while. THANKS GRANZELLA!!!
Rating: 3/3

Knit Dresses

Price: $1.99

Knit Dress(Monochrome Argyle)
What an awesome item, and again a piece that fits the season!!! A knit dress with a wide mach neck collar. The dress drapes down, not adding to much to the shape of your avi. This piece has a monochrome argyle design going around the entire dress, with two chrome lines going around the bottom.
Rating: 3/3

Dark Grey Knit Dress
This is a light grey dress with a mach neck that has vertical sweater lines on the body and sleeves, with a darker grey at the bottom.
Rating: 3/3

Blossom Pink Knit Dress (not pictured)
Diamonds and lines imprints. This is a very feminine soft color that matches well with a number of shoes.
Rating: 3/3

Race On Outfits (not pictured)
Costume>A-Z>Race On>Outfit
Price: $1.49
Colors: Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange
This is a one piece suit. Boooooo!!! It would be great to wear the top alone. I have the perfect fit in mind. Anyway, the leather top is fly, the back is black with thick colored lines on the back upper shoulders. It has a colored collar that continues down the chest-line to a silver zipper. The black circles the color, forming a oval shape on the stomach and sides. The sleeves are a lined with color and have a checker print strip running down the sides.
Rating: 1/3

Sexy Race On Suits 
Costume>A-Z>Race On>Outfit
Price: $1.99

Slender sexy one piece racer outfit leaves your back, sides, and chest exposed. The top goes around the neck and down the breast covering a little, but not giving away too much.  It fits the silhouette, showing every avi curve, and forms a bell bottom at the bottom of the legs. It pretty much looks great with any shoe. Also, there are checkered strips going down the left and right sides, with checkered arm warmers.
Rating: 2/3

Race On Trousers (not pictured)
Costume>A-Z>Race On>Legs
Price: 0.99
Ummmm... black leather, fitting trousers. They fit snug and have a silver belt around the waist.
Rating: 1/3

Race On Helmets
Costume>A-Z>Race On>Head
Price: $0.99

Helmet Carrot On (not pictured)
Baby pink helmet with a bunny emblem on the back. Carrots print around the front and back. Has a black visor
Rating: 0/3

Helmet Heart On (not pictured)
All black with a orange colored heart emblem that has red flares coming from the heart on the back. Has a black visor
Rating: 2/3

Helmet Bunny Race On (not pictured)
Pink helmet with a white line on the top reaching to the back. Has a bunny emblem on the back and a black visor
Rating: 1/3

Noble Woman Dress (not pictured)
Colors: Teal & Purple, Black & Red, Purple & Black
Price: $1.99
A beautiful dress embroidered with Avalon time designs in gold on the chest. With a embroidered belt around the waist. The bottom falls down and flares, and the arms flare as well. Gold embroidered plates on the elbow, accented with a gold necklace that brings the dress to life.
Rating: 2/3

Noble Woman Flats (not pictured)
Price: $0.99
Colors: Black, Red, Tan
Baby doll shoe with a black strap lacing across the foot .
Rating: 1/3

Written by: Keema155
Models PIctured: Ms_Aqua_Fina, Keema155

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