Monday, November 5, 2012

Update Review 10/31-11/6

HGL Letterman
VeeMee Store>HGL Tab
Bundle: $5.49
Individual: $1.99

These awesome supporter jackets give team spirit to Home with their stylish designs, and bright, unique color mixtures.

Troops jacket comes in a mustard color with white sleeves. The collar, the end of the sleeves, and the lower lining of the jacket is colored mustard with 2 white lines. On the lower left and right sides of the jacket is a pocket on each side that share a white diagonal line. The jacket has a team emblem on the upper left and on the center back.
The HGL jacket is a bright blue with the same detail as the troop jacket

The Critters jacket is a dark pink and shares the same detail as the previous jackets.

The Undead jacket has a different color touch to it. With a dark purple center and light blue sleeves and details, this is by far my fav jacket. These two colors look great together

The Sonics' Letterman is one of a kind, i can see this jacket being a fan favorite because of the loud color...It makes this jacket more noticeable. The center is an electric blue with bright yellow sleeves and detail. A MUST HAVE!

Rating: 3/3

Embroidered Jackets Set of 5

This 5 jacket bundle from Granzella is awesome. You get 5 two-toned jackets that are open with a white T-shirt underneath.  Taking up the entire back of the jackets, is a roaring lion standing on a rock with water splashing, hitting up against it. All of this for a very low price. These are the 1st jackets released from Granzella with such amazing detail, and it fits the female avi perfect. It's not too tight nor too loose,  which makes it fit well with any bottom whether it be jeans baggy or tight, a skirt, or a comfy pair of sweats. You have to love these jackets!

Rating: 3/3

HGL Hoodies
Hoodie Bundle $3.99
Individual $1.49

Ugghhh, these hoodies are ugly and baggy. I'm not really into them, but they are cute if you're into that sporty look. Each hoodie is it's team color, they have a big front pocket with two entry points. They also feature two drawstrings hanging from the front of the collar. Nevertheless, these hoodies have a nice size hood on the back, and the team logo is placed a little
 lower, on the center of the back

Rating: 2/3

Written by: Keema155
Model: Ms_Aqua_Fina

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