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According To Guys 2

Awh "MAN!"  I just LOVE doing this article.  This month, going around and being paparazzi on PS Home has been truly fun.  Watch out!  If you see me on your server taking pictures, and you are wearing something that you think is hot, I just might be putting you on "According to Guys"!  Without your permission, YES.  That's how REAL this virtual article gets.  I'm catching random people, wearing the stuff they've chosen to show the public.  Luckily for you all, I only pick the stuff I like.  The men I choose to comment on these pictures are also random.  I DON'T KNOW THEM!  Without further chit-chat, let see how these outfits have been rated..."According to GUYS".

Warning:  These randomly chosen men were instructed NOT to hold back on their opinions.  Any negative remarks are not the opinions of Risque Fashion Magazine or myself as every picture I put into this article is a fashion I am a fan of.

"Honestly, it's decent.  Not too bad or flashy.  Gorgeous and outgoing."-Vell

"I don't like it.  Not sexy.  It say's I'm a kid and I don't care what people think."-Vido

"I like this one, nice setting.  An all around good picture.  It's cold in winter and she's still looking hot!"-John

"It looks good, I like it. She's ready for fun" -Frank

"To be honest, I don't like it.  More skin would be nice.  Outfit says innocent, decent." -Steve

"I like the outfit.  It's well put together but needs a little color in it.  Seeing that she's wearing all black, she likes to be mysterious." -Bryan

"Not really a fan of the rabbit ears.  I like the top and matching shoe combo.  The print on the pants work with it as well.  She is classy...a little conservative, but has a fun side." -Jones

"Lose the top hat.  Other than that it's 'Okay'.  Not great, my girlfriend is a model in real life and on home.  Her statement is a luscious look, but not a great outfit.  Doesn't go well with the boots.  Her picture has no solid look on the theme of what she is wearing." -Dylan

"I like it because it goes with her.  The outfit fits with the background as well.  I think she likes to have fun and dress nice." -Alvaro

"The top is nice but I don't like the pants and shoes to go with it.  It's not matching to me.  It does say that she likes to stand out and be different from the crowd." -Ben

If you would like to have your outfit featured in Risque Fashion Magazine please message Misz_Evie on Playstation Network.

Article by: Misz_Evie

The Mix Up 1/23/13-1/29/13

Designed and Modeled by: Ms_Aqua_Fina

Update Review 1/23-1/29

With this week's update, Lockwood is introducing us to they new line: Drey Noire. I'm assuming they got the theme for this line from Rockstar's hit video game, LA Noire. Granzella also has a few items out to make your avatar life so much easier, with active items to impress your friends.

Tweed Flat-Cap
Location: Lockwood> Drey Noire
Price: $0.99
Colors: Gray and Beige
This hat has a newspaper boy theme to it with a side ponytail. It has gentle waves that can help bring your outfit to life.

The femme fatale
Location: Lockwood> Drey Noire
Price: $0.99
This side swooping hair style with gentle waves is the style to give your avatar a drop-dead, gorgeous look, with the help of a pretty little hair clip to keep your hair looking picture perfect.

Hunter jacket
Location: Lockwood> Drey Noire
Price: $0.99
Colors: Red and Beige
This jacket has a very nice vintage feel to it and I just absolutely love it. It has three pockets: two at mid waist level, and another on the upper left chest area. There are two buttons to keep the jacket closed, but open enough to see the blouse that is also buttoned up. To finish off, its paired with a vibrant colorful scarf. It makes it a lot more fun to mix and match.

Belted Blazer
Location: Lockwood> Drey Noire
Price: $0.99
Colors: Charcoal, Aubergine
This belted blazer is a nice addition to your wardrobe for the more chic side of you. It has six buttons to ensure the jacket is closed, and a belt over the jacket. The bottom flares to get a more chic and modern look.

Jodhpur Jeans
Location: Lockwood> Drey Noire
Price: $0.99
Colors: Gray and Beige
The pattern for these jeans has a nice vintage style as well to match jacket of course. Instead of pockets, they have zippers to take its place. There is also the zippers at the bottom of the jeans on the side to give it that edgy feel. Between the thigh and the knee area, there is a slightly different color, as well as a texture that can also be seen at the bottom of the pants leg in the button zipper.

Button and Panel Skirt
Location: Lockwood> Drey Noire
Price: $0.99
Colors: Aubergine and Charcoal
This skirt give me that sexy office, secretary look. It has 6 buttons going down the middle of the skirt, and it is in the mid-thigh range, making sure it shows plenty of skin.

Wedge Boots
Location: Lockwood> Drey Noire
Price: $0.99
Colors: Brown and Black
These boots can go with almost any outfit you can think of. They give me that combat feel. They are laced up to the top and I can't think of anything bad about them, they are a great pair of shoes. Kudos to Lockwood.

High heeled Lace Ups
Location: Lockwood> Drey Noire
Price: $0.99
Colors: Tan and Black
When I look at these shoes, they just remind me of a librarian or an Amish woman. Once again, they give off a vintage look. They are lace up of course, with ankle socks.

Railroad Worker Clothes Set
Location: Granzella
Price: $2.99
Colors: Black
This railroad set comes with 13 pieces, which is not bad if I might add for only $2.99. You get two different style hats that come in small, medium, and large. It has 2 different types of bottles, 1 skirt, 2 different tops, gloves, gloves with a ticket printer, and finally 1 pair of shoes. I'm still debating if I want to buy it or not, but it is a decent set.

GST- Street Dancer (not pictured)
Location: Granzella
Price: $1.99
Home has given us another set of outrageous dances that when you see them from a distance, it just makes you laugh. It has a 6, (YES 6!) different dances, which is pretty damn good for a buck-99. They are the Back-flip, front-flip, scratch-spin, head-spin, back-spin, and the crouching-roll.

Written by: BlckPantherWoman
Modeled by: Ms_Aqua_Fina

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Mix Up 1/16-1/22

Update Review 1/16-1/22

Location: Granzella

Cowgirl Hat
Price: $0.99
Colors: Dark brown, Black, Red, Denim

These awesome hats are an upgrade from Irem's cowgirl hats. They are much more stylish. They have a string that hangs in the front, and your hair comes down on the sides, with a ponytail in the back that hangs over the left shoulder.

Cowgirl Jacket 

Price: $0.99
Colors: Dark Brown, Black, Red, Denim

A nice blue-denim button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and a vest that has tassels on the upper pockets. It gives the top a cowgirl look to it. As well as the red scarf that sits at the collar tucking under the sides.

Cowgirl Shorts

Price: $0.99
Colors: Dark Brown, Black, Red, Denim

Ayyeeeeee sexy. These short shorts are a great look. The belt looks awesome and the split on the sides adds a little more style to them.

Cowgirl Boots
Colors: Dark Brown, Black, Red, Denim

Yes Yes Yes! Gotta love these boots. These cowgirl boots have great detailing and bold dark colors. The boot fits great with jeans, and adds to the legs with any shirt or shorts. A must have.

Cowgirl Mini Skirt 
Price: $0.99
Colors: Dark Brown, Black, Red, Denim

Nice mini skirt with tassels hanging at the bottom. The shirts are shaped different from Irem's old one. They are better. The belt of course adds to the look.

Pajama Set
Price: $2.49
Colors: Pink(Flower pattern), Yellow, Black, Pale Blue(Stripes), Blue(Checkered), Red(Checkered)

Each set comes with a sleeping hat, a pillow, slippers, a shirt, and pants. They are great for sleep overs and movie night. We needed new sleepwear, great job Granzella.

Bear Slippers 7 Color Set 
Price: $0.99
Colors: Pink, Yellow, Black, Light Blue, Brown/Red, Blue, Red

These are the cutest slippers, they have a bear face on the front and the variety of colors can be very useful.

Bunny Slippers 7-Color Set
Price: $1.99
Colors: Pink, Yellow, Black, Light Blue, White, Blue, Red

Omg, these are  bunny slippers are the best choice of slippers. They even have bunny ears and a cute bunny nose. Gotta love these for this low price, this is a steal!

Three Quarter Sleeve Jacket & Cropped Pants Outfit. 
Price: $2.99
Colors: Black & White, Gray & Khaki, Beige & Black

These tops have a shirt under the jacket. The 3-quarter sleeve jackets have a very vintage and elegant look. Great for a night out or an interview.

The pants look like something we have seen, I'm not really impressed. Good thing there are great pieces in this bundle.

Shoessssss! I love getting new shoes. These are a great style too. They are round toed with a pretty bow on the front, and a low heel.

Location: Venice Beach

Venice Beach Bundle
Price: $7.99

Amazon Beach Babe
Amazon Beach Babe Alternate
Price: $1.49 each
A very open back swimsuit that has a 8 shaped front.  It has leopard print in regular and purple.

Aztec Beach Babe
Aztec Beach Babe Alternate
Price: $1.49 each
Aztec designed sexy swimsuit that has beautiful necklaces around the neck, comes in yellow and blue

Golden Beach Babe
Golden Beach Babe Alternate
Price: $1.49 each
This sexy one-piece wraps around the neck with a wide open back. Comes in black & gold, and purple.

Nebula Beach Babe
Nebula Beach Babe Alternate
Price: $1.49 each
This 2 piece sexy.low cut, top and bottom swim suit is amazing. It also has a beach throw around the arm. They come in a very colorful collection.

Written by: Keema155
Modeled by: Ms_Aqua_Fina

Haute Couture Club Contest Flyer

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Mix Up 1/9-1/15

Modeled and Designed by: Ms_Aqua_Fina

Update Review 1/9-1/15

Having some technical issues this week with the pictures for the Update Review please bare with us. Thank you much!

Paper Umbrella Set
Location: Peakvox
Price: $2.99
Colors: Bulls-eye, Checked, Sakura, Tsujigahana
Gorgeous Japanese umbrellas that come in 2 different ways of wearing (open/closed).  I absolutely adore these umbrellas.  They can take an outfit to a whole new level of fashion when worn with the right combination.  Fashionistas, this is a MUST HAVE!
Rating: 3/3

Large Paper Fan Set
Location: Peakvox
Price: $2.49
Colors: Miyabi Festival, Miyabi Wave, Miyabi Fireworks
Large paper fans from Japan that are very elegant and full of color.  These are also interesting accessories for your outfits.  They don't peak(vox) my interest as much as the umbrellas but they couldn't hurt an outfit.  I see this as a piece you can really be praised for if you combine correctly.
Rating: 2/3

Five Biker Jackets for Women Bundle
Location: Atom Republic
Price: $3.99
Colors: Black, Fuschia, Red, White and Yellow, Yellow, and a Red T-Shirt
New jackets!  I always welcome these.  Although, this time around, they look pretty basic.  The zipper comes up to about mid-chest level with smaller zippers on the bottom of the sleeves.  They aren't in much but solid colors besides the White and Yellow jacket being the most interesting one.  I honestly wouldn't blame a person for only buying the White and Yellow jacket separately for $0.99, and skipping on the rest of them.  That's what I'll be doing.  They are just all too plain for my taste.
Rating of Bundle: 1/3
Rating of White and Yellow Jacket: 3/3

Inward Curl Long Hairstyle
Location: Granzella
Price: $0.99
New long hairstyle with split bangs across the forehead.  The face is framed nicely with layers.  My only issue is the way the back of the hair falls.  It falls unnaturally away from the back of the neck leaving the hairstyle with a defying gravity, floating look?  Not only that, but as the front of the hair looks very beautiful and natural, while the back of it looks very...fake.  The bottom of the ends in the back of this hairstyle is cut into a zig-zag pattern.  This hair could have been great, had the back of it looked more natural.  This hairstyle is intended to be paired with the hats from the following Granzella bundle.
Rating: 1.5/3

Dress & Jacket Outfit Set
Location: Granzella
Price: $3.99
Gray & Brown/ Cream Knit Hats/ Brown Boots, 
Orange & Khaki/ White Knit Hats/ Dark Brown Boots, 
Pink & Black/ Black Knit Hats/ Black Boots
Lordy lordy, 1940.  If I bought this bundle for anything but the knit hats, it would be worth it!  This bundle includes two(2) one-piece dress outfits (w/ and w/out stockings) and also boots to go along with the ensemble.  The dresses are super cute although you cant separate the jackets from them.  The knit hats come in a record breaking FOUR(4) different sizes.  I'm the biggest fan of cute hats on home and this really tickled my fancy this week.
Rating: 3/3

High Rollers Vest Bundle
Location: Digital Leisure
Price: $9.99
Colors: White shirt, Oxblood Vest
This vest was designed to give you access to the High Rollers Lounge in the Casino (hence the price). If you feel comfortable with paying just about ten(10) dollars for a single item of clothing, this is an adorable piece.  It's a little too expensive for MY oxblood at the moment, but it Will be something I treat myself to in the future.
Rating: 3/3

Rainbow Mohawk
Location: Avalon Keep
Price: $2.99
An animated, crystalized rainbow mohawk.  Are you a fan of the mohawk?  If so, you might like this.  I wouldn't call it a must-have item, but it will definitely add shock factor to your outfits.  There are also other sets of rainbow horns in this store this week which I will not be reviewing, but if you are curious, I give them the same rating I give this mohawk.
Rating: 1/3

Maetel Costume
Location: Galaxy Express
Price: $3.99
This is a whole outfit.  Black long dress with a detachable hat.  Now, this hat is a VERY important hat.  Sometimes we come across a bundle that you must buy for only ONE(1) clothing item, THIS IS ONE OF THEM.  The hat looks remnant of Russian fashion and the hair comes down in long, blonde, flowing glory!  Forget the dress ladies, GO GET THAT HAT!
Rating of dress: Who cares?  Rating of hat: BUY NAO!

Written by: Misz Evie

FloMi's FAB Masquerade Valentine Show

If you want to try out for rehearsals and like being a model, see if you can reach Show Day!
Rehearsals are every weekend up until February 10th.
on Saturday, 4pm EST/22.00 EU/9pm UK
on Sunday, 2pm EST/20.00 EU/7pm UK

Invite will follow when you are online, feel free to come watch only for fun, or try modeling!  You are welcome!

Diamond'z & Platinum'z Ad

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

RGOH - Girl 6 Flyer

Wolfen40 & RGOH Interview

On one of my very frequent visits to D2O District on PS Home, I had the pleasure of crossing paths with the infamous Wolfen40 aka Mika.  It didn't take long for us to get in each other's good graces once we networked a little bit.  For those who have never heard of this wonderful woman, she is the leader of Rich Girls of Home (RGOH)!  They are a lively fashion club with many aspirations on PS Home.

For a long time I've heard of their group only through talk but never had the privilege of meeting them.  After being invited to a huge meeting, in which I presented to them  Risque Fashion Magazine, the vote was in.  They want to be a part of our fashion magazine and gave us the honor of an exclusive interview as well!

Now, this is RFM's first group interview ever so it seemed perfect for our January issue to bring in the New Year!  As I wish I could tell you all about them right now in this paragraph, I don't want to spoil anything so I'll just let you all get right on to the interview.  Enjoy RFM'ers!

Group picture - Evie (middle) and the leaders of RGOH

Name/Color Code
Mika: Wolfen40 
Sookie: LadySookie
Liz: LizardWrestler99
Sunny: SunnyPath

Evie: Today at RFM we have a very special interview for you all! I'm here with the leaders of Rich Girls of Home. Greetings ladies, and welcome to RFM!

Mika: Ty.
Sunny: Ty.
Sookie: Ty.
Liz: Ty, Evie.

Evie: So, first and foremost, I'd like if you can all introduce yourselves and your position in RGOH for the audience.

Mika:  I'm Mika, leader of RGOH. :)
Sunny: Sunny, RGOH Japan representative.
Liz: Liz, RGOH USA rep.
Sookie: I'm an acting member with no position yet, but very happy to be
here with RGOH!

Evie: Very nice to be here with you all :)  Mika, for the people on home who
may have never heard of your group, can you tell us what RGOH is about?

Mika: Well, we want to represent the aspirations of success on home. Show the business model of women on home, modeling, acting, hosting events and fashion most of all. Photography is also high on our list.
Sunny: Promoting a respectable image.
Mika: Yes, very much so.

The group interview setting.

Evie: Very nice thank you! So, with your group being in multiple countries, is there a difference from country to country or is RGOH the same all over the world?

Mika: Sunny can explain.
Sunny: Not really, Japan is just an extention of the main group. Most people in the Japan group love the Japanese content.
Mika: :) Yes.
Sunny: So we all co-exist as one unit.
Mika:  Konnichiwa!

Evie: Lol. Konnichiwa!

Mika: Japan is awesome! Home comes from Japan, but the region's clubs are there to meet and reach out to those areas. We work to make a difference in that region, just like in the UK.
Sunny: Well said hun.
Mika: Ty.

Evie: Awesome.  RGOH all over the world!  As far as events, what functions
does RGOH host and who do you wish to appeal to on home with them?

Mika: One for instance that is my favorite - The wingwalk.  Women who watch
the Victoria Secret show will find similarities.  Sookie has not been to one yet Misz Evie.
Liz: The Global Gathering.  From what I've seen, Global Gathering is where all the chapters come together.
Mika: Yes. Japan, UK, and USA.

Evie: The Global Gathering would be what type of event?

Mika: It's Rich Girls' biggest fashion show.

Evie: Okay great!  How often is this gathering held?

Mika: Just once a year, but models from different clubs can walk there.
Sunny: It's held anually in April.
Mika: We host prizes, but what can you really get a rich girl?  LOL, but seriously, rich means with character that the ladies Do have. Know we do represent new people coming to home.  You have to become mature and have respect to make it on Home or you might get banned. :) That happens a lot.
Liz: We help anyone in need if they are lost.

Evie: Very commendable.  

Sookie: I wanted to say..I just joined RGOH and everyone in this group are what they say. Kind to everyone and have made me feel most welcome as a new person.
Mika: Ty so much.
Sunny: :)
Sookie: No thanks needed, just being you is thanks enough for me.
Mika: Aww, you ladies are great. I just wanna cry.

Evie: Aww, I can feel the love!

Mika: You can can't you?
Sookie: They have made me feel at home, lol. I have wantedto be in this group for a long time, they are like stars to me.
Mika: Old stars lol.
Sunny: Lol.

Evie: Lol.

Sookie: Beautiful stars.
Mika: Really, thank you Sookie. We will continue to do whats good for women on Home.

Evie: So here at RFM, after all of the formal stuff, we just love to get into fashion talk!  I hope you're all ready for this part! :)

Mika: Okay.
Sunny: I suppose.

Evie: Okay so, first fashion question!  What are each of your own personal trademark fashion styles?

Sunny: That's easy, anything that doesnt come to the US. I like anime style.
Liz: I'm more elegant, old world variety type.
Sookie: Well, I like to be elegant. I like dresses and sometimes I like to be in blue jeans and a nice shirt.  My favorite brand at this time is Billabong.
Mika: I love Lockwood, and I'm watching this thing about the auction. Me, I'm modern, mostly sporty is nice also.
Liz: I have a craving for Bouffant fashion.  I don't see a lot of it on here though. Granzella has a small taste of that to start.

Evie: So as far as fashion on home, what improvements or what new ideas would
you like to see in the future?

Mika: For one, we need more accessories and make-up.
Sookie: Well, I don't know how to get to Japan and etc. to see their fashions. I would like to see what they have to offer. Mika's so right. MAKE-UP MAKE-UP.... I look forward to seeing them.
Mika: The clothes need to be more idealistic to real life clothes.
Sookie: I agree.

The gang's all here!  Rich Girls of Home for your viewing pleasure!

Evie: All very nice ideas! So for anybody looking for you all, where can RGOH be contacted ?

Mika: You can reach me at Since we all model from there we have profiles of eachother there.  RGOH has a youtube page and I can be found @Mika40_live on Twitter.

Evie: Great.  Any shout outs from RGOH?

Mika: Yes, I would like to thank Rich Girls and all their support. Shout out to PSTalent and PS Home for being the best platform to show our talents.

Evie: Well I'd like to thank all of RGOH for stopping by RFM for this very exclusive interview!  We here at RFM look forward to covering ALL of your future projects, please stop by anytime! :)

Mika: TY so much!  Shout out to RFM!
Sookie: It was a pleasure to meet you also!

It was definitely a pleasure meeting with the Rich Girls of Home!  I've even befriended quite a few of the members and have stopped by a public fashion event thrown by the FloMi twins (RGOH members) since meeting them.  The unity of their group is unbreakable, truly a sight to see.  Mika is one of the greatest examples of a business and fashion-business woman on PS Home.  I'd like to personally welcome Rich Girls of Home to the Risque Fashion Magazine family and I look forward to working with you all in the future!  :)

Stay tuned to RFM to keep informed on attending their fashion events as we will be covering them exclusively!  Later, my loves!

Written by: Misz_Evie
Photography by: Smokey Studios