Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Update Review 1/30/13-2/5/13

Super Skinny Jeans
Price: $0.99
Color: white, oil, teal, denim and black
Location: Lockwood
These jeans are your basic skinny jean style. Nothing really extravagant about the style or look. It works well with a tank top and heels, but the only thing I don't like about the jeans. is that they really make your avatar bottom look skinny as hell so...
Rating: 1/3

Animated Sneakers Heels
Price: $0.99
Colors: silver, Lockwood orange, blue and black
Location: Lockwood
These heels are a nice addition to your Wardrobe. They are cross laced with a design on each side of the shoe, with a nice addition of glowing neon colors to brighten up the outfit.
Rating: 3/3

Men's Dress Shirt 3-Piece Set
Price: $2.99
Location- Granzella
This set comes with a pair of sneakers, a white loose long sleeve men's dress shirt, and cropped jeans that stops at the knee. I honestly don't like this bundle, I just don't think its worthy of my money :P.
Rating: 0/3

Square Glasses half-rimmed (eyes)
Price: $0.99
Color (eyes): red, blue, brown, grey and green
Location: Granzella
These half rimmed glasses only change the eye color not the frames. The frames are just going to stay one color which is red. I don't like this feature one bit, I wish it would change the frame color instead of the eye color, but since we don't have SOME of those eye colors I guess it's cool.....but it's not soooo...
Rating: 1/3

Mini Yukata Top
Price: $1.99
Color: peach, black and white
Location: Granzella
This top has a little bit more exposure then the rest of the Yukata tops. It's more widely opened and the shoulders are more exposed, with a nice flower print. I like this top a lot more then some of the other Yukata tops. It has a more of a sexy appeal.
Rating: 3/3

Mini Yukata Bottom
Price: $1.99
Color: peach, black and white
Location: Granzella
This skirt has the same flower print as the top. The skirt stops at mid thigh with a split on the side of the skirt. It's a little pricey for a damn skirt but it might be worth it.
Rating: 2/3

Monotone Ribbon Dress Bundle
Price: $3.99
Color: black, white
Location- Granzella
Because it's a Granzella bundle, you can only get these items through the bundle which sucks because not everyone will like everything in this bundle, in it you will get (left and right earring, dress with and with out tights, shoes with and without tights, black and white rose clutch and a hairdo, it may and may not be worth it to people but hell I bought it XD.
Rating: 2/3

Riding Suit Bundle
Price- $3.49
Color- black, red, white
Location- granzella
This bundle comes with the option to close or open your helmet, the option to zip or unzip your race suit, a pair of gloves and a pony tail!!!!!! XP hmmmm no shoes well thats sucks and its not worth my buck.
Rating: 1/3

Painted Bare Collection
Price: $1.49 (bundle $2.49)
Colors- multiple
Location- threads
this 1 piece comes in multiple look and colors wirh the shoes to match,they are slightly finished were you show skin in  some parts of the body
Purrfect lady is a paint that looks like cheetah print and actually has hidden cheetahs on the paint, if you buy the bundle your get the shoes with the matching print and also a cheetah ears headband which you can wear with any hairstyle.
Madame flutterfly has a butterfly really has a bright spring feel to it and I just absolutely love it.with this garden of Eve inspired design bundle you will get you the 1 piece and also the flower shoes with the butterfly headpiece.
Mistressmistress is a multi colored that looks like a child just want to make a rainbow on someone's body.with this condo you look at the 1 piece in the matching shoes and the crazy multi colored hair.
Rating: 3/3

Painted Bare Hair
Price: $0.99
Location: Threads
this is style comes in 2 different ways it comes were you have the choice to change their hair color or you can't change your hair color in this stays in the rainbow form, but this hair style is just awesome it s like a canvas to the color of your hair of the your choice nicely done.
Rating: 3/3

Article by: BlckPantherWoman

The Mix Up 1/30/13 - 2/5/13

Designed and Modeled by: Ms_Aqua_Fina

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Making The Runway 3

Hey Hey Hey Hola peoples! I hope everyone had a joyfull, blessed Christmas and a happy and safe new year. Welcome back to Making The Runway with your girl Keema155 a.k.a. Kee. This month we are doing a futuristic runway to kick off 2013. Its simple but simple is better sometimes. Now leggo make some runways!


Place 6 floating disc tables in a straight line. (Make sure you turn the tables around so that they are touching each other, leave no gaps)


Place 5 floating tables to the right . Make sure they are in a straight line with no gaps.

Step 3

Follow the same method as Step 2, but on the left side. When you're done. you should have a T shaped runway.

Step 4

Decorate as desired. Don't forget this is a futuristic runway, use chairs or couches that give off the same look

I want to take this time to thank the readers for their support. If you have any ideas or suggestions you want to see on Making the Runway please feel free to email us at risquefashion@gmail.com or message via PS3 @RISQUE_FASHION. Over and Out

Written by: keema155