From The Editors

I would have never known back on Christmas Eve of 2010 who I would come to be on PS Home.  I found the game in my own random curiosity of looking through the menus of the PS3.  Interest peaked through the description alone and while the game installed and loaded onto my screen all I remember saying to myself is, "I better not see avatars walking around.  Omg, if I see people's avatars walking around I AM GOING TO FLIP!"  Five minutes later I'm staring at what will come to be my all too familiar Navigator.  I'm looking at an array of different places I can visit and it was to no challenge for my brain than to go straight to the mall!  The map downloads..."OH MY GOD!!"  I'm standing in my first video game mall with people walking all around me in their avatars.  The shock of Playstation Home's world was all too much for me to handle.  I ran all around the mall looking at all the stores and people in different costumes and outfits thinking "I want clothes too!"  It took me 3 days to learn how to purchase clothes and oh what an addiction it was once I got started.

Quickly, due to my artistic nature, I was putting together new and original outfits in which many of my friends (and even strangers!) were giving compliments.  With my new found fan base, I felt as tho a reputation for my fashion was beginning to develop, and I didn't want to let anybody down.  I then told myself, "I'm going to be the Best."  Not to be confused as a conceited statement, its a state of mind I believe the best MUST have.  So with my mind set, it became top priority to expand my wardrobe and make even more irresistable outfits.

Seductive look: a Misz Evie specialty.
Somewhere shortly after, during my first summer on home, I started an all female, uplifting organization called LIPS (Lady In Pink Squad) which in its entirety lasted a full year before I committed fully to fashion only.  Anywho, shortly after the debut of my LIPS organization I was very randomly invited to participate as a model for a designer in the Project Runway Season 1 finale.  I was happy to do this, after all, I had plenty of outfits to work with.  Following our 1st place victory, I then applied to compete as a designer for Project Runway Season 2.  I placed 1st and then was invited to join the Project Runway staff as a judge for the subsequent seasons.  I still guest judge to this day.

During my time serving as a judge in Project Runway, my best friend (DominionAtrix87) and I created a brand-new style by the name of So.eVo.  It is a rare blend of urban, futuristic, and a third style of the designers choice.  There's many variations of a So.eVo outfit but to give a quick example the outfit to the right would be classified as So.eVo: Urban/Futuristic/Business.  The outfits are fresh, they're quirky, and very colorful.  More info on how to make your own So.eVo outfit can be found at  Soon after the new style was created, we went on tour.  Not once, but twice, with a third tour currently in development.  Honestly, this has to have been the most fun I've had with a fashion tour.  Every outfit is a surprise, every pose and dance move by two synchronized models at a time is choreographed by me.  It's really a sight to see, there's nothing like it.

Directly after So.eVo.2, I started a competition of my own called LCFC (Lady Couture Fashion Competition).  Ten fashion designers, on Playstation Home, apply to be selected to compete in a series of speed-challenges.  With every 30 minute themed challenge round, one contestant is eliminated at the end.  Last designer standing gets crowned Lady Couture of that season plus PSN Cash Prize.  It was my first competition I've ever hosted and it was a 6 hr long event that was a HUGE success.  All while the girls were doing their challenges it was also Dj'ed so it was also a party at the same time.  Creative or what?

The next month I opened up LCFI (Lady Couture Fashion Institute), where I held classes for beginning designers on the basics of fashion up to the more advanced areas.  It was my little contribution to the girls who are interested in advancing their skills for either their own benefit, fashion shows, or even competition.

After all of this, my first modeling agency 'Violets' was born.  Taking my best friend (DominionAtrix87) and fashionista as my Vice President, we were ready to start something brand new.  I remember sitting in the Playstation Home Hold 'Em rooms playing poker with DominionAtrix87 contemplating every last detail of this new agency. We had to have spent about two weeks planning this in theory alone.  We went out and recruited new talent and our new agency was on its way.  We performed a total of 2 fashion shows and 3 calendar photoshoots before us Violets were truly blessed.

One seemingly normal night on Playstation Home, I was out searching for new talent to join Violets.  I'm always on the search so this was nothing new for me, but something new is exactly what I was going to end up finding.  Standing by a pool table at the bowling alley was none other than the beautiful Mz_Aqua_Fina.  I saw her dressed down to the "t" in a group of her friends.  Of course, I could NOT pass up the opportunity to speak with her.  I recognized her from her previous involvement with the Project Runway competition so it was a refreshing reunion.  After our greetings, I offered her to be involved with Violets if she was still modeling.

Aqua then informed me of her group Aastonish.  A modeling agency/clothing line she was a part of with keema155, and AfroFox09.  She immediately calls Keema on the phone to tell her all about me and set up a meeting.  Well, by the next day, I met with the President of Aastonish, and fashionista Keema.  To my "aastonishment" she and I had almost Everything in common.  It didn't take long for us to propose a merge of agencys.  Within a month all of our groundwork was down and the name Risqué was born.  Then, amazing things started happening!

I'm truly grateful to have Everyone here at Risqué.  I wouldn't change anything I've done  in my Playstation Home fashion career.  We are the new pioneers in Playstation Home fashion and we're here to stay!  This magazine is not only for models, but also for the people who may need inspiration in fashion, or just love fashion in and of itself.  I'd like to personally thank you all for stopping by Playstation Home's FIRST Fashion Magazine.  I'll be doing my very best to keep you all happy here at Risqué Magazine.


Hey hey hey, my name is Kee also known as keema155.  Welcome to my journey! As long as I can remember all my life I've been a gamer.  From regular Nintendo playing Duck Hunt, to Nintendo 64 playing 007 Golden Eye.  From Playstation 1&2 playing Resident Evil, SouthPark, and now to Playstation 3.  I'm a huge COD fan, as i can recall Black Ops Zombies was the game of choice when Playstation Home's Beta was released. I tried it...didn't like it...and got off.  Somehow 2 years later, I found myself on Playstation Home, in the mall shopping for clothes and furniture. Thus it begins.  

I soon met a life time friend who showed me the ropes and introduced me to my 1st Fam named TLD (THE LAST DYNASTY).  I joined the fam and instantly fell in love with its members and their concept.  Two months later I became QUEEN OF HEARTS, and ran my own division.  This was a turning point for me, I then became interested in the business aspect of home.  This gave me the initiative to become 2nd in command of my Fam, and the head of the commission NHO.  With this new experience it was time for even more growth.  I then joined a larger organization, which I entered with rank due to my home resume and I quickly moved up.  

The very essence of a business woman.

Now I've always had my own unique sense of fashion, and I've always received compliments on my mixture of clothing.  So, I decided to start a fashion club.  It lasted for a short while, but didnt turn out as planned.  Disappointed and determined, I decided to leave my Fam and embark on a new venture, FASHION! Still interested in the business aspect of home, I decided to create my own Fam, MAJESTIC SKULL. The Fam is based on Real family values and business. As CEO of Skull, I tried to have the best of everything.  The best people, to dressers, to decorators and businesses. I worked with the best. 

With the fine ladies of Skull, we were able to establish many Fam owned businesses.  Flawless: a fully staffed restuarant, Skull Cafe: our diner, Erogene Beauty Salon, and our clothing line AAstonish designed by Afrofox09 and Ms_Aqua_Fina.  Shortly after, I began teaching fashion at Higher Learning University.  I taught classes once a week.  Knowing fashion was a must for me.  I organized and produced many fashion shows and a couple of fashion competitions.  I've had some ups and downs with Playstation Home, but I think of everything as a learning experience and I learn from my mistakes. Through it all, i never gave up.

I was fortunate to meet Misz_Evie, the president of Violets.  We connected on the spot, and it felt great to meet someone with the same state of mind as me. Her resume was awesome.  I was impressed, and that's not a usual for me!  So I took a chance, and went All or Nothing proposing a merge between AAstonish and Violets.  Evie was interested as well, so we quickly began working on a business plan, which brings me here today as President of Risque.  This merge has been the best experience I've had thus far on home.  It's everything I've wanted.  We have an awesome friendship, a quality business, and the best models I've seen on Home. 

I'd like to thank Risque for giving me the opportunity to manage and work with such great people. And I'd like to thank You...Yes, You the readers. This is something that i love doing but without you, I wouldn't have a reason to work so hard on producing a quality product.  Thank You for the love and the support, and stay tuned because this is just the beginning.


Fierce Diva that is AppleKorr
Hello, my name is AppleKorr, and I have been a member of Risqué for a short time, but I couldn’t be with a more fun, loving, supportive, and talented group of fashion people.  Joining Risqué was one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve ever made.  I love home fashion and I believe in promoting the fashion community.  I can’t wait to keep showing everyone out there what we can do!    

Shopaholic and Fashionista may be words you could use to describe me and my PSN Home life now, but that wasn’t the case when I first started home.  Like most people with a PS3, when I first bought my console I had no idea what Home was.  It wasn’t until I had my PS3 for around a year, that I even selected the little Home icon.  I tried it one time and was so overwhelmed and confused that I never touched it again.  Months later, I thought I’d try it out again, and the fun began.  

In the beginning, Home was about chatting with people and having fun only. I had no idea that fashion clubs even existed.  Don’t hold it against me, but I was one of those people that refused to shop and spend real money on virtual items.  I actually held out and stuck to that decision for around a year.  Looking back now, I’m just sad that I missed out on buying those unavailable items :-P  It’s now been thousands of dollars and over three years later.  

I always had fun dressing my avatar, even when I was a noob I wanted to create my own look and be different.  I got into the fashion community on home, by random chance.  I was running around on home, and I got a pm from someone asking me if I was interested in modelling.  They liked how I was dressed and told me to contact them for an interview if I was interested.  This is how I met Dom, the creator of Badd Inc and the home version of Project Runway.  

Hard work and determination in fashion.

My first fashion foray was in The Modelling Project, as a competing model.  I learned a lot about posing for pictures, doing combos, and other basics during the challenges.  I had a lot of fun and when it ended, I was selected to be one of the official Badd Inc models along with four other ladies.  I then went on to model in the next season of Project Runway, which was season four.  I had so much fun and after modelling a season, thought to myself, I can do this, so when the applications came out to design in season five, I sent mine in.  I ended up making the list of competitors, and I was ready to push myself.  I decided before going into the competition that I was going to be bold and daring with each look, I was going to push myself as hard as could, out of my comfort zone, and into some creative fashion.  I really was inexperienced with fashion and fashion terminology and I had a lot to learn.  Google became my best friend.  I’ve always been interested in the arts, and have practised and enjoyed many other forms of art and creativity, just never fashion in real life.  I worked hard and in the end received fifth place, which I’m very proud of.  I just realised writing this, that I’m ambitious, because after designing a season, I thought to myself, judging, I can do that.  Well, that was my next adventure.  After Dom asked me to judge with Badd Inc and I happily accepted, I went on to judge season six, season seven, season eight, Launch My Line, and PR All-Stars.  Dom and Badd Inc then took a break, and I didn’t know what to do with myself, except that I knew I needed to model and create fashion.  Now here I am at Risqué, ready for more adventure, more hot fashion, and more money to fly outta my pocket and into the mysterious deep world that is my home virtual wardrobe.


True originality.
So my nephew comes to me complaining about how my niece is spending too much time on Home and pouts about not being able to play Black Ops at will.   "Why should I care?!" I thought,  telling them both to share and try to coming up with a schedule of when they both could enjoy the PS3.  They were brutal about it, almost territorial about this seemingly uneventful little black box.  I couldn't wrap my brain around why anyone would be so emotionally disturbed... but when I experienced my first prolonged maintenance with Sony and I began to go through withdrawal symptoms, those very thoughts began to bounce around in my head and I couldn't do anything but laugh HYSTERICALLY!

Previous to my Home experience I'd been  a fashion enthusiast but never took it quite as seriously as I do now.  Of course I do have IMVU and Sims 3 accounts so the concept of digital beautification is not completely foreign to me, but nothing prepared me for the challenges of dealing with the parameters of Home life and fashion.  But to the credit of the company I keep and Sony-  I thoroughly feel that everything has been much more than worthwhile in my transition as an artist and friend!  

I joined the ranks as Noob January of 2012 and immediately proceeded to buy everything I could afford from Lockwood Drey.   Of course I felt lush in my new virtual digs and believed I had a firm grasp on fashion...until I was approached a few months later by Soflygirlbynight through a mutual friend who was very much a fan of girl chasing.  Once I did a bit of name dropping in a few circles, I found out that she was somehow affiliated with Risque Fashion Mag.  To be honest- at that moment I began to doubt my abilities and wonder if I was ready to embark on the journey that I had eagerly awaited.  Well, I decided to jump in head first!

Sofly mentioned Badd Inc. and  told me how Princess Dom was the leader and they had a Home version of Project Runway.   You can imagine my excitement!  It was explained to me that there were both models and designers and that new talent was always welcome.  I figured I would be perfect for the job and didn't mind working my way up.  The first person I met from Badd Inc. was AppleKorr.  She was very sweet and quiet but very business oriented and focused on the task at hand- which was to get me through model boot camp and prep me for my first show as a Novice model- but fortunately on my first night of modeling - one of the designers left the competition.  

I felt nauseated because before I could even stop myself I had written a letter to Princess Dom- stating that I would LOVE the chance to be a designer if only she'd give me a chance.   Fortunately, she allowed me to take the open spot and as it turns out, I won my VERY FIRST challenge in Project Runway season 6.   Of course after my initial win, there was a succession of absolutely brutal critiques and emotional blow outs but by listening to all the invaluable constructive criticism offered and accepting my own voice, I made second place  of PR 6 with the record of having the most wins for my season.  After PR6  I was asked to be a judge of PR season 7 and a model/judge of Launch My Line and had a fantastic time doing so!  

Shaved head: a Cocoa signature look.
Next on my agenda was to try something new.  Instead of joining groups, I decided to compete in several independent competitions actually winning a few.  Some contests were incredibly biased for unfashionable reasons and  I critiqued the judges in front of the audiences for not being true to fashion and showing undeserved favoritism.  I stand by my words because truth is constant and unyielding.  Onward and Upward!
Dom mentioned some months after PR7 and Launch My Line that there would be a PR AllStars.  I was debating whether or not I should compete but I was informed by several members of PR that I was indeed the one that they wanted to beat in competition.  I  was flattered, determined and scared as all Hades because losing was NOT on my agenda!  Well, with much needed support from my friends and continued self evaluation I won Project Runway Allstars and couldn't be happier for having done so! 

Afterwards I had a rather unimpressive stent with a small fashion group and was soon approached by Misz_Evie  and Keema155 of RISQUE!!  Of course I was skittish because I wondered what they wanted with me but when they both mentioned that they liked my work... I couldn't be happier - seeing as how I've admired them all since I've been on Home.  Now I have the privilege of working with these lovely ladies and truly do relish the opportunity to expand my horizons and continue my growth in Home fashion. 

Currently I am a member of two other fashion groups of which I feel deserve to be mentioned.  The Marquise Set and Gnizama.  Fabulous people with fabulous clubs! Much love and respect to the ladies and gentlemen of Badd Inc. , Risque, and all the friends and fellow fashionistas & fashionistos whom I've had the greatest fortune and pleasure of nurturing relationships with!

~ Cocoa :)